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App Review: Extender For Jira
The Extender for Jira is a comprehensive toolkit designed specifically for administrators. Its array of tools enhances everyday work processes.
App review: Out of Office Assistant
This app is an absence planner and facilitates automatic assignment to a backup assignee when the primary assignee is unavailable due to being out of office. Additionally, it allows for delegating Jira Service Management approvals. The app also supports JQL automation and provides resource planning gadgets.
Use Jira Quick Filters to supercharge your project management
The app extends Jira's default issue hierarchy by visualizing projects in a customizable tree view and reporting progress based on estimates. It offers a custom link-based hierarchy easily structured without complex configuration.
Atlassian Analytics and Data Lake demos
Atlassian Analytics (Product Information)
Atlassian Analytics - available for Enterprises - provides an easy and flexible way to visualize data across various Atlassian products and other data sources. It offers pre-built dashboards for service management, asset management, and DevOps use cases, and allows for custom data analysis with a visual SQL interface. Users can choose from multiple visualization options, and the platform offers database connectors to query non-Atlassian data sources. The collaboration features allow users to share, comment, and manage permissions down to the chart level.
Everything to know about Jira bulk edits
Here, Michael from Project Track describes bulk changes as an underdog feature that is a little hidden in the issue navigator. They provide an example from their own experience where they accidentally - and incorrectly - updated 600 tickets using automation but were able to quickly fix their mistake using bulk changes.
Time is Money: Why time management still matters for all teams
This app simplifies billing, expenses, timesheets, and resource allocation processes.
Time tracking for Jira Align: Tempo enables automated developer investment calculations
Tempo's Timesheets for Jira Align (Product Information)
The Timesheets by Tempo integration for Jira Align allows teams to automatically calculate development investments across product portfolios, view development investments, track spend against budgets, and give team members a frictionless time-tracking experience with a user-friendly interface and automated suggestions. The integration helps inform investment strategy, get more accurate financial reporting, and make data-informed plans across teams and portfolios.
Automatic translators are the next ITSM technology
The Issue Translation for Jira from re:solution allows users to easily translate comments and entire issues in over 100 languages with just one click. The app uses Google Translate to provide accurate translations while maintaining the original content for other users. Users can also write comments in any language and translate and proofread them before publishing. The app preserves formatting in the editor after translation and is compatible with Jira Service Management.
How to do Out of Office in Jira
The Out of Office Assistant for Jira enables automatic issue reassignment during employee absences and supports multiple coverers and delegate approvers. It also offers time tracking, capacity planning, risk analytics, and integration options for Outlook, Google Calendar, Slack, and Tempo Planner. Additionally, it allows for bulk issue reassignment and tagging of absent users. Admins and project admins can manage rules on behalf of other users. The app can help teams maintain productivity during absences and build an absence reporting dashboard.
How to integrate re:solutions's Google Analytics in Confluence Cloud
The Confluence Cloud can be connected with Google Analytics - including GA4 version - using this app from re:solution. By doing this, users can gain an in-depth understanding of their Confluence visitors and analyze their behavior without navigating through Google Analytics directly. The app also allows for custom configuration of dimensions and sending Confluence events to Google. This can help Content Creators, Confluence Admins & Managers in several jobs, such as evaluating content, auditing and clean-up, measuring impact, and reporting to senior management.
The ultimate admin guide to Confluence content management
ScriptRunner for Confluence is a powerful tool for managing and customizing Confluence for large enterprise instances. It offers out-of-the-box content management features like adding, removing, or renaming labels, copying spaces and page trees, and deleting content in bulk. Additionally, you can customize how Confluence looks and behaves by adding new buttons and automating tasks like triggering a Jira project to be created whenever a Confluence space is created. With ScriptRunner, you can create your own custom automations and integrate Confluence with other apps like Xero, Salesforce, or Trello.
Jira workflow automation: 30+ ideas for instant workflow magic
ScriptRunner is a leading automation and customization app for Jira that allows you to automate workflows and issues, extend Jira, and improve UX with Groovy scripts and JQL. With ScriptRunner, you can set up scheduled and reactive automations, get process alignment within Jira workflows, and use specific and shareable views with advanced search. The app offers a range of features, including Script Console for bulk issue updating, Listeners for triggering actions in response to events, Jobs and Escalation for scheduling routine tasks, Enhanced Search for getting specific with JQL functions, and Scripted Conditions & Validators for enforcing any criteria.
Introducing Beacon (beta): An intelligent threat detection engine for Atlassian Cloud
Atlassian Beacon (Product Information)
Intelligent threat detection has been built for Atlassian cloud products to help users detect, investigate, and respond to risky user activity. This feature enables organizations to monitor and identify potentially harmful behavior across their Atlassian cloud products and take appropriate actions to mitigate risks.
Five project challenges, solved by someone like you
Structure is a flexible Jira portfolio and project management solution that allows teams to connect work across teams, projects, and time in one view. With customizable hierarchies, real-time reporting, and a Gantt chart, Structure helps teams of all types work together in one tool. Whether using Waterfall or Agile methodologies, Structure can help solve common Jira project management and PPM challenges, including reporting, portfolio planning, project planning, sprint planning, release management, and more.
Automation for Confluence is here!
What’s new in Confluence Cloud (Product Information)
View the latest features and browse monthly archives.
How to set up omnilingual, omnichannel & automated Jira Service Management
Save time and standardize communications by creating templates for recurring issues and using signatures with the dynamic user and project data. These templates can trigger automated actions, and you can gain valuable insights from reviewing agent communication. The app also offers rich text formatting, content-aware macros, improved organization, and advanced permissions and visibility scopes. Power-user features include a quick toolbar, keyboard shortcuts, and a browser extension. The platform has other apps available to help teams with their challenges.
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