How to do Out of Office in Jira

R Updated March 22, 2023
How to do Out of Office in Jira


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This tutorial explains how to use the re:solution's Out of Office Assistant for Jira to ensure team productivity during employee vacations. It covers different ways to set up a Jira vacation manager and how to integrate Jira with Google Calendar or Outlook using Zapier to automate time off requests.


The Out of Office Assistant for Jira enables automatic issue reassignment during employee absences and supports multiple coverers and delegate approvers. It also offers time tracking, capacity planning, risk analytics, and integration options for Outlook, Google Calendar, Slack, and Tempo Planner. Additionally, it allows for bulk issue reassignment and tagging of absent users. Admins and project admins can manage rules on behalf of other users. The app can help teams maintain productivity during absences and build an absence reporting dashboard.

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