Introducing Beacon (beta): An intelligent threat detection engine for Atlassian Cloud

Introducing Beacon (beta): Intelligent threat detection for Atlassian Cloud


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Attention security teams! Beacon is now available for open beta testing. Beacon is a smart threat detection engine designed for Atlassian cloud products. It monitors your Atlassian cloud products for unusual user activity, including data exfiltration events, integration changes, and more across Jira, Confluence, and your Atlassian admin hub. 

During the Beacon beta, you can identify, investigate, and take action on over 13 (and increasing) user activity detections across your Atlassian cloud products. The Beacon team will keep adding new detections and providing more context to help you address them in your organization.

One thing the team asks of you: as you receive alerts, please share your feedback and questions via Beacon's in-product chat or our Beacon group in the community. Your beta feedback is critical in shaping Beacon's development.


Atlassian Beacon (Product Information)
Intelligent threat detection has been built for Atlassian cloud products to help users detect, investigate, and respond to risky user activity. This feature enables organizations to monitor and identify potentially harmful behavior across their Atlassian cloud products and take appropriate actions to mitigate risks.