Custom Charts for Jira: Review by Rodney Nissen

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Custom Charts for Jira: Review by Rodney Nissen


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This app enables users to create personalized reports for their dashboards without the need for any coding. This review examines it more closely to determine how Old Street Solutions, the maker of this app, achieves this feat.


This interactive app allows the easy creation of comprehensive charts and reports for Jira Dashboards. Its pre-made chart templates and customizable features allow users to build and share reports in seconds. The app supports various chart types, customizations, and Jira Service Management features, making it suitable for Agile or Sprint Reports, ITSM, or JSM reports. It also provides a shared dashboard feature for Jira Cloud, allowing for various customizations to tailor charts for any audience. Custom Charts is available as a separate app in Confluence and is supported by 3rd party apps like Xray, Advanced Roadmaps, and Mobile for Jira.

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