An organizational psychologist shares five steps to successful change management

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An organizational psychologist shares five steps to successful change management


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Change management is the process of effectively organizing and implementing significant changes to methods, systems, or workflows within an organization. It can be challenging because it involves managing the chaos of transitioning humans from one habit to another. To achieve successful change management, Kim Perkins, an organizational psychologist, follows a five-step approach outlined in this Atlassian post. 
Here are the steps in a nutshell:
  1. Clearly define the specific result you want to achieve through the change. Avoid vague goals and ensure everyone understands what success looks like.
  2. Find individuals who can champion the change and enlist their support. Empower them with resources to promote the change. Additionally, recognize those who may oppose or hinder the change and understand their level of influence within the organization.
  3. Recognize that change involves letting go of familiar ways of working or existing systems. Help individuals process the emotional attachment to the old ways by creating moments of closure or celebration.
  4. Be transparent with your team about the need for change and its reasons. Avoid leaving employees in the dark, as this can lead to speculation and resistance. Provide a realistic assessment of the forces driving the change.
  5. Once buy-in and understanding have been achieved, focus on the smooth implementation of the change. Consider hiring a change management consultant if necessary, and lead by example. Demonstrate your commitment to the change and actively use the new processes or systems.
If you would like more insights on these five steps, read the original article.

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