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From the Jira Guy: Team24 digital sessions not to miss
Insights & Opinions Updated April 26, 2024 0
Continuing with tradition, The Jira Guy highlights a selection of must-see digital sessions from Team'24. Whether you're attending in person in Las Vegas or joining remotely from home, there's something for everyone. Check out the sessions you won't want to miss.
Scott Farquhar resigns as Atlassian's Co-CEO
Atlassian News Updated April 25, 2024 0
The Q3 FY24 letter to Atlassian shareholders provides an update on the company's mission to unleash the potential in every team, addressing customers, stakeholders, and shareholders. However, this quarter holds special significance. Scott Farquhar, after an incredible 23 years, has chosen to resign as co-CEO. 
Akooda's AI-based enterprise search integrates with Atlassian
Product News Updated April 03, 2024 0
Akooda's AI-Powered Enterprise Search helps you quickly find information you need within your organization. It allows you to ask questions and get instant answers from Atlassian apps and various sources like Slack, Chrome Extension, or directly within the platform. You can easily navigate through different applications to find exactly what you're looking for, whether it's structured or unstructured data. The search results are enriched with advanced analysis, giving you not just relevant and timely information, but also valuable insights.
Atlassian introduced simplified and balanced Customer Agreement
Atlassian News Updated April 01, 2024 0
Atlassian is rolling out a new Customer Agreement, effective for all new orders or renewals, aiming to simplify and balance contractual terms for its customers. The agreement consolidates terms for Atlassian Cloud and Data Center products, replacing previous agreements. Key updates include enhanced protection for data incidents and improved transparency on data security measures. Atlassian has partnered with TermScout to evaluate the new contract, which received a favorable rating. 
Atlassian's Q2 FY24 letter to shareholders
Atlassian News Updated February 02, 2024 0
According to the latest letter from Atlassian co-founders, Atlassian has reached a significant milestone with their first-ever $1 billion revenue quarter and over 300,000 customers. They are accelerating cloud migrations, enhancing product innovation, and embracing AI to empower teams. 
Tempo Software acquires Alpha Serve
Atlassian News Updated January 25, 2024 0
Tempo Software is acquiring Alpha Serve to expand its Strategic Portfolio Management Solution. This acquisition brings enterprise-grade data connectivity solutions that seamlessly integrate software systems like Atlassian Jira and ServiceNow with popular Business Intelligence Tools such as PowerBI and Tableau.
Atlassian buys Loom for $975M, boosting teamwork with video messaging
Atlassian News Updated December 01, 2023 0
Atlassian has just acquired Loom, a platform for making and sharing quick videos. By combining Loom's video features with Atlassian's expertise, they hope to make collaboration even better, especially for remote workers. For example, engineers could use videos to show issues in their project management tool, Jira. It's a big move that could bring exciting changes for teams everywhere.
How to excel in agile implementation
Insights & Opinions Updated September 18, 2023 0
Transitioning to agile is not merely about adopting a new set of guidelines or protocols. It demands a comprehensive organizational metamorphosis. Whether you're dabbling with some agile practices on a small scale or committing to a holistic, agile transformation, there are pivotal considerations to bear in mind for a smooth and efficient transition. 
Atlassian’s EAPs in a nutshell, and should you participate
Insights & Opinions Updated September 18, 2023 0
Atlassian, the enterprise software company behind collaborative, team-focused products like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello, undoubtedly values customer feedback and collaboration. Their Early Adopter Programs (EAP) have been a sure way to get users' direct feedback about new features, improvements, or products. 
Early adopter programs come with many benefits to Atlassian and customers but also some challenges that participants should be aware of.
Atlassian's financial overview in numbers
Atlassian News Updated September 15, 2023 0
In an article published in Forbes, Robert DeFrancesco offers a comprehensive analysis of Atlassian's financial health and growth, compares it with previous fiscal years, and sheds light on its investment prospects. We've highlighted key figures from the recent year, which ended in June 2023, below.
An Atlassian Marketplace Partner perspective: Why choose Cloud?
Insights & Opinions Updated September 18, 2023 0
As the end of support for Server deployment looms in just a few months, organizations face a crucial decision – to migrate to Atlassian Cloud or opt for Data Center. Plus, newcomers to Jira and Confluence are also deliberating on which version to select. This blog post by Federico Baronti of Deiser, a seasoned Atlassian Marketplace Partner, aims to guide both groups, elucidating from the company's experienced viewpoint on why the Cloud is the optimal choice.
Codegeist Unleashed 2023: bigger, better, beyond anything before
Atlassian News Updated September 06, 2023 0
Brace yourselves, developers! Atlassian's annual hackathon is back with a phenomenal twist: a whopping $172,500 in cash prizes up for grabs! Have you ever dreamt of showcasing your skills on a global stage? Here's your chance!