Atlassian’s EAPs in a nutshell, and should you participate

Atlassian’s EAPs in a nutshell, and should you participate

Atlassian, the enterprise software company behind collaborative, team-focused products like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello, undoubtedly values customer feedback and collaboration. Their Early Adopter Programs (EAP) have been a sure way to get users' direct feedback about new features, improvements, or products. 
Early adopter programs come with many benefits to Atlassian and customers but also some challenges that participants should be aware of.

Atlassian's Early Adopter Programs in a nutshell:

  1. Iterative feedback loop: The primary purpose of the EAP programs is to let users try out new features or products before they're widely released. This allows Atlassian to receive feedback, refine, and ensure a better overall user experience when the feature or product officially launches.
    As feedback is received, features can change, disrupting some teams' workflow. Not all your suggestions will make it into the product. Atlassian needs to balance the feedback it receives to ensure it's acting on insights that align with its broader vision and the needs of its wider user base.
  2. Target audience: Atlassian's EAPs often aim at existing customers familiar with their products, in a specific role (for example, Admins or End-users), and can provide constructive feedback. These users are often vested in helping Atlassian improve because they rely on these tools for daily work.
  3. Benefits to users: Participants can experience the latest features ahead of the broader user base. This can give you a competitive edge, particularly in industries where agile project management, software development, or collaboration are essential. You often also get a direct line to Atlassian's product teams.
    Note that since early adopter versions of software can differ from stable releases, Atlassian might lack proper documentation specific to these releases. 
  4. Requirements-based participation: Users can request to join an EAP, and Atlassian reserves the right to accept or reject your participation. You will be provided with instructions on the details of the program. Usually, by signing up for the EAP, you’d have to acknowledge the Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service, the Atlassian Privacy Policy, and the EAP products' use. The EAP products are considered “Beta Versions” and are subject to applicable terms, conditions, and disclaimers. 
  5. Risk-free testing: Atlassian usually allows participants to opt out of the early adopter program and even roll back changes if they feel it's not right for them. This flexibility ensures that you never feel trapped in a version of a product that might still have bugs or isn’t suitable for your specific use case.
    Note that early versions of software may have bugs or other issues. You need to be willing to tolerate some level of instability or unpredictability.
  6. Transparent communication: One of Atlassian's core values is "Open Company, No Bullsh*t." Staying true to this, the company maintains an open communication channel with its early adopters, updating them on changes, listening to their feedback, and addressing any concerns. You'll collaborate directly with Atlassian product teams to share immediate feedback. Furthermore, you'll likely receive an invitation to a private Community group, offering an exclusive platform for your insights.
By collaborating closely with its users, Atlassian can create products that resonate more deeply with their needs, ensuring long-term success and customer satisfaction.

Interested in participating in an EAP?

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