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New: Confluence pages embedded on a Jira ticket
Product News Updated September 18, 2023 0
Atlassian is always looking for ways to streamline workflows, reduce interruptions, and help users keep focus. With that spirit in mind, the team has introduced the latest integration enhancement: they've seamlessly incorporated Confluence pages into Jira tickets. 
Atlassian’s EAPs in a nutshell, and should you participate
Insights & Opinions Updated September 18, 2023 0
Atlassian, the enterprise software company behind collaborative, team-focused products like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello, undoubtedly values customer feedback and collaboration. Their Early Adopter Programs (EAP) have been a sure way to get users' direct feedback about new features, improvements, or products. 
Early adopter programs come with many benefits to Atlassian and customers but also some challenges that participants should be aware of.
A simplified integration setup experience in Opsgenie and JSM Cloud
Product News Updated September 15, 2023 0
As of Sep 14, 2023, an updated integration setup experience, a new UI, is rolling out to all Opsgenie and Jira Service Management Cloud customers. This new interface results from feedback from customers, community members, and Atlassians who utilize Opsgenie daily. 
Atlassian Confluence: Your creative collaboration hub
Insights & Opinions Updated September 18, 2023 0
In a post by Rankin Mayne, get the ideas for the innovative world of Atlassian Confluence, a platform designed for creators and collaborators alike. The author offers some basis for exploring its vast features, whether you're a seasoned user or a newbie. 

Open beta: AI-powered Virtual Agent in JSM Cloud Premium & Enterprise
Product News Updated September 06, 2023 0
Atlassian's Jira Service Management has expanded its virtual agent from a limited beta to an open beta. This AI-powered virtual agent, driven by Atlassian Intelligence, provides automated conversational support on Slack, with Microsoft Teams integration in the pipeline. It recognizes user intent, sentiment, and context, offering personalized assistance and continually improving through interactions. 
Custom Domains in Jira Service Management: now in open beta
Product News Updated September 06, 2023 0
Jira Service Management Cloud now offers an open beta for custom domains. This feature allows organizations to use their own branded URL, enhancing brand visibility and improving SEO. The aim is to provide a more accessible, recognizable customer experience, resulting in better self-service and fewer requests to manage.
Introducing Single Sign-On (SSO) for external customers in JSM
Product News Updated September 06, 2023 0
Atlassian has announced that Single Sign-On (SSO) for external customers is now being released. Atlassian is gradually deploying it to all Jira Service Management sites, and if you're eager to jump ahead and activate it immediately, feel free to request it by email.
Unveiling enhanced Template features in Confluence
Product News Updated September 06, 2023 0
David Akinyemi, a Product Manager at Confluence, has unveiled an enhanced Template experience with many new features designed to improve content creation and usability. 
Review of Confluence Whiteboards, by Rodney Nissen
Insights & Opinions Updated September 06, 2023 0
As Rodney, also known as "The Jira Guy," gets his hands on Confluence Whiteboards, he delves into its functionalities, explores its myriad features, and delves into this substantial enhancement to Confluence Cloud.
Introducing multiaccount support for Confluence Mobile
Product News Updated September 06, 2023 0
Atlassian introduced Multiaccount Support for Confluence Mobile on both iOS and Android. Recognizing the challenges users face managing multiple accounts, this feature eliminates the need to log in and log out constantly. Now, you can seamlessly switch between accounts, enhancing your workflow. Moreover, clicking on a link related to another account will automatically switch you to the appropriate account.
10 ways to customize Jira, Confluence and more with Forge
Product News Updated September 08, 2023 0
Forge, Atlassian's extensibility platform, is compatible with products like Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, and Compass, and there's unmatched power in crafting code that can directly augment their functionality. That's what Forge can help you do.
A new dark theme for Data Center is coming
Product News Updated August 24, 2023 0
Dark mode is an anticipated feature that will gradually be introduced across various Atlassian Data Center products. In collaboration with Atlassian app vendors, efforts are underway to ensure a consistent dark theme experience across products and platforms. 
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