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New: Confluence pages embedded on a Jira ticket
Product News Updated September 18, 2023 0
Atlassian is always looking for ways to streamline workflows, reduce interruptions, and help users keep focus. With that spirit in mind, the team has introduced the latest integration enhancement: they've seamlessly incorporated Confluence pages into Jira tickets. 
New automation limits for Jira Cloud products
Product News Updated September 18, 2023 0
Starting from November 1, 2023, Jira Cloud will implement a revised packaging model similar to what was introduced with Confluence Automation. The goal is to provide a more straightforward and consistent way to measure automation usage. 
A simplified integration setup experience in Opsgenie and JSM Cloud
Product News Updated September 15, 2023 0
As of Sep 14, 2023, an updated integration setup experience, a new UI, is rolling out to all Opsgenie and Jira Service Management Cloud customers. This new interface results from feedback from customers, community members, and Atlassians who utilize Opsgenie daily. 
Atlassian promotes Avani Prabhakar as the new Global Head of Talent
Atlassian News Updated September 13, 2023 0
Atlassian has promoted Avani Prabhakar as the global head of talent and HR business partners. In this role, she'll focus on enhancing company performance, streamlining operations for employee programs, and growing DEI initiatives. 
Proactive product request management empowers Cloud Enterprise Admins
Product News Updated September 12, 2023 0
Shadow IT is a pressing issue for enterprises, leading to potential data loss and reduced control over sensitive information. Responding to feedback, Atlassian is introducing a "product requests" feature. This will give admins more control over shadow IT instances within their organizations. 
Codegeist Unleashed 2023: bigger, better, beyond anything before
Atlassian News Updated September 06, 2023 0
Brace yourselves, developers! Atlassian's annual hackathon is back with a phenomenal twist: a whopping $172,500 in cash prizes up for grabs! Have you ever dreamt of showcasing your skills on a global stage? Here's your chance! 
Open beta: AI-powered Virtual Agent in JSM Cloud Premium & Enterprise
Product News Updated September 06, 2023 0
Atlassian's Jira Service Management has expanded its virtual agent from a limited beta to an open beta. This AI-powered virtual agent, driven by Atlassian Intelligence, provides automated conversational support on Slack, with Microsoft Teams integration in the pipeline. It recognizes user intent, sentiment, and context, offering personalized assistance and continually improving through interactions. 
Custom Domains in Jira Service Management: now in open beta
Product News Updated September 06, 2023 0
Jira Service Management Cloud now offers an open beta for custom domains. This feature allows organizations to use their own branded URL, enhancing brand visibility and improving SEO. The aim is to provide a more accessible, recognizable customer experience, resulting in better self-service and fewer requests to manage.
Introducing Single Sign-On (SSO) for external customers in JSM
Product News Updated September 06, 2023 0
Atlassian has announced that Single Sign-On (SSO) for external customers is now being released. Atlassian is gradually deploying it to all Jira Service Management sites, and if you're eager to jump ahead and activate it immediately, feel free to request it by email.
Unveiling enhanced Template features in Confluence
Product News Updated September 06, 2023 0
David Akinyemi, a Product Manager at Confluence, has unveiled an enhanced Template experience with many new features designed to improve content creation and usability. 
Understanding the implications: Why Atlassian's Server support end is a call to action
Insights & Opinions Updated September 06, 2023 0
Atlassian is ending support for its server products after February 15, 2024, meaning no more technical support, security updates, or bug fixes. Naturally, Atlassian and most solution partners have been advising customers to migrate to Atlassian's cloud services (or a data center instance) for safety and security, as using unsupported server products poses significant risks. In this Atlassian article, you can read more about those risks.
Jira integrates with Google Docs via Smart Chips
Product News Updated September 05, 2023 0
Atlassian's Jira and Confluence are integrating with Google Smart Chips, enhancing the user experience in Google Docs - no longer there is a need for users to switch between different tools or lose focus when reviewing Google Docs. 
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