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Jira Core Workflows
Jira Core Workflows
Jira Core Workflows


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Every organization utilizes processes to complete its work, and Jira Workflows provide an effective and efficient way to create and manage those processes. By automating many of the important but tedious aspects of the workflow, Jira Workflows help teams streamline their work and achieve greater productivity. This book takes a step-by-step approach to learning Jira Workflows. It starts with building a workflow and progresses to more advanced topics such as automation and customization.
This book teaches readers how to build a Jira Core Workflow, create statuses and transitions, add a work team to the workflow, automate workflows, set conditions, create transition post-functions, create workflow screens, and automate notifications and field value changes. It also covers how to automate the transfer of work to the next individual or department in the process and how to allow team members to track progress on the work product.
Additionally, readers will learn how to control who can work on a task based on the process step, who can see the task depending on the process step, and who can give approvals and move the process forward. All of these features can be accomplished by business teams without the need for I.T. involvement.
Jira Workflows is written for non-I.T. business users and is explained in non-technical language with practical exercises. However, it is assumed that readers have moderate experience with Jira Core and are already Jira Administrators.

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September 13, 2023
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