Atlassian Analytics and Data Lake demos

A Updated April 10, 2023
Atlassian Analytics and Data Lake demos
Atlassian Analytics and Data Lake demos


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This 13-part video series helps users learn Atlassian Analytics and Data Lake. The series covers various topics such as adding analytics to a site, creating a data lake connection, setting permission levels, using templates for dashboard creation, customizing charts, and filtering charts by connecting them to controls.
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Atlassian Analytics (Product Information)
Atlassian Analytics - available for Enterprises - provides an easy and flexible way to visualize data across various Atlassian products and other data sources. It offers pre-built dashboards for service management, asset management, and DevOps use cases, and allows for custom data analysis with a visual SQL interface. Users can choose from multiple visualization options, and the platform offers database connectors to query non-Atlassian data sources. The collaboration features allow users to share, comment, and manage permissions down to the chart level.

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