The emergence of Automatic Translators in ITSM

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Automatic translators are the next ITSM technology


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The field of customer support is evolving rapidly with the advancement of technology, and one of the latest developments is the use of Automatic Translations in Customer Support (ATCS). Automatic translation tools have come a long way since the introduction of neural networks in 2014, and now provide accurate translations with fewer errors. 
In this context, a recent survey was conducted to understand whether customers are ready for the adoption of automatic translations in customer support. The survey collected responses from 226 full-time employees based in Germany, aged 25 to 65. The survey results indicate that most users prefer automatic translations over getting help in a foreign language, and a significant portion of users are comfortable engaging in AT-assisted conversations. 
This research sheds light on the potential of automatic translations as the next ITSM technology for customer support teams.


The Issue Translation for Jira from re:solution allows users to easily translate comments and entire issues in over 100 languages with just one click. The app uses Google Translate to provide accurate translations while maintaining the original content for other users. Users can also write comments in any language and translate and proofread them before publishing. The app preserves formatting in the editor after translation and is compatible with Jira Service Management.

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