How to integrate re:solutions's Google Analytics in Confluence Cloud

R Updated March 22, 2023
How to integrate re:solutions's Google Analytics in Confluence Cloud


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Understanding user behavior and monitoring traffic is essential for improving your web presence, including your Confluence instance. This tutorial guides you through integrating re:solution's Google Analytics into your Confluence Cloud instance. It covers topics such as why you should use the app, installing it from the Atlassian Marketplace, connecting Confluence with Google Analytics, and testing.
The tutorial explores some advanced features of Google Analytics for Confluence, such as the active site search feature, Google Analytics views, and reports in Confluence. By the end of this tutorial, you will understand how to use Google Analytics for Confluence and how it can help you improve your Confluence instance.


The Confluence Cloud can be connected with Google Analytics - including GA4 version - using this app from re:solution. By doing this, users can gain an in-depth understanding of their Confluence visitors and analyze their behavior without navigating through Google Analytics directly. The app also allows for custom configuration of dimensions and sending Confluence events to Google. This can help Content Creators, Confluence Admins & Managers in several jobs, such as evaluating content, auditing and clean-up, measuring impact, and reporting to senior management.

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