Jira Product Discovery: From ideas to successful products

Jira Product Discovery: From ideas to successful products


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You may have already been introduced to Jira Product Discovery (Atlassian's new stand-alone product), which is currently in beta but will go into GA soon. It's a centralized platform that collects and organizes product input and leverages data-driven decision-making to help product managers transform their product ideas into reality. 
Using customizable views, Jira Product Discovery facilitates effective communication and continuous stakeholder engagement for PMs. With this platform, product managers can easily capture and share the rationale behind their work. 
Jira Product Discovery offers the following capabilities:
  • Collaborating with teams to categorize ideas in various views such as list, matrix, board, and timeline.
  • Prioritizing ideas and opportunities.
  • Creating and sharing timeline views.
  • Consolidating customer feedback from various sources.
  • Working with users, prioritizing important initiatives, or pivoting to new ideas.
  • Tracking the delivery progress of ideas. 
To read more about Jira Product Discovery beta, and what comes after, check out this page.
Want to know more about Jira Product Discovery? Watch the video below.


Jira Product Discovery Beta FAQs (Product Information)