Confluence whiteboards coming soon!

Confluence whiteboards: coming soon!


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Online whiteboards have been essential for Atlassian's customers and teams while working remotely. These whiteboards allow us all to collaborate as if we were in the same room. However, according to Atlassian, connecting the pre-planning work on whiteboards to structured workflows could have been smoother. They recognized the opportunity and developed Confluence whiteboards.
Introducing Confluence whiteboards, a new digital canvas that enables free brainstorming, idea implementation, and work visualization. It enables a highly integrated customer experience, seamlessly connecting their unstructured whiteboard ideation with Jira and Confluence workflows.
It provides a convenient and familiar location for everyone to access and collaborate effectively.
  • Whiteboards in Confluence are designed for brainstorming and are integrated into the Atlassian platform.
  • Users can freely brainstorm using sticky notes, shapes, stamps, stickers, timers, and a pen.
  • Sticky notes can be converted into Jira Cloud issues and Confluence pages.
  • Jira issues can be visualized in one view with the option to add relationship labels.
  • Plus, confluence will offer structured tables called Databases to organize information such as Jira tasks, Confluence pages, due dates, and statuses.
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