Jira Service Management: Next-level enhancements

Jira Service Management: Notable improvements

Atlassian has made some notable improvements to Jira Service Management that we believe will enhance your experience. Some of the noteworthy changes to know about include support for 10K+ agents on a single cloud instance, user experience upgrades to Assets in JSM, and some more.

Jira Service Management now supports 10K+ agents on a single Cloud-based Instance

JSM has crossed a new threshold by enabling support for more than 10,000 agents on a single cloud-based instance. This marks a notable advancement from the previous limit of 5,000 agents and was achieved through a successful Early Access Program, coupled with extensive efforts to optimize performance for large-scale deployments.

Exciting user experience upgrades coming to Assets in Jira Service Management Cloud

In the following weeks, Atlassian plans to upgrade the essential user experience of Assets in Jira Service Management Cloud by simplifying the interface and aligning it with the overall design of JSM. As part of this update, users can expect to see revamped versions of the Schema view and Object view, along with other enhancements.

Other recent improvements

In addition, Atlassian has released a summary of some of the latest customization features now available in the Jira Service Management help center.