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JSM vs. ServiceNow ITSM – comparing two industry giants
Insights & Opinions Updated April 25, 2024 0
Jira Service Management or ServiceNow ITSM? Making a decision between them requires extensive research and consideration. To simplify your decision-making process, the Deviniti team has compiled a curated list highlighting key aspects and features of both platforms. 
New: Request type templates for team-managed projects
Product News Updated April 16, 2024 0
The Jira Service Management team is introducing request type templates for team-managed projects, building upon the success of this feature in company-managed projects. These templates offer a quick starting point for creating request types, catering to various teams such as HR, facilities, finance, legal, marketing, and design. 
Introducing Products and Entitlements for tailoring Customer Service in JSM
Product News Updated April 16, 2024 0
Atlassian just announced the launch of a highly requested Customer Service feature in Jira Service Management: Products and Entitlements. This feature enables you to customize support experiences based on the products and services your customers use. 
EAP for Multiple Help Centers in JSM
Product News Updated April 16, 2024 0
The Atlassian team introduced an Early Access Program for Multiple Help Centers in Jira Service Management. This feature empowers you to establish and personalize multiple Help Centers within a single site. 
Community update: What's new in JSM (as of April 2024)
Product News Updated April 12, 2024 0
As of April, 2024, Jira Service Management introduced several new features aimed at enhancing service delivery. These include tips and best practices shared during the Team Tour: High Velocity events in New York City, Munich, and London, where the team met with users in person. The focus was on facilitating collaboration between development, IT, and other teams to provide exceptional service at scale. For those who couldn't attend, the update includes feature highlights and Loom walkthrough videos for easy understanding.
Beta program for the new AIOps features
Product News Updated April 11, 2024 0
As Atlassian delves deeper into harnessing the capabilities of Atlassian Intelligence within Jira Service Management, they are actively investigating methods to enhance operations teams' abilities in detecting, preventing, and resolving incidents through AI. This new beta program is aimed at providing you with access to some of these AIOps advancements for testing. Currently, the team is seeking a select few teams to participate in their initial rollout phase.
Josh Costella is making Agile project management simple Jira
Insights & Opinions Updated April 11, 2024 0
Diving into Agile and Jira can seem as daunting as deciphering ancient hieroglyphs, but it's more about sprint management than mummy hunting. Don't let it intimidate you; understanding Agile and using Jira can be simplified. Josh Costella breaks it down to its core, making it accessible even for Agile novices.
Collaborate seamlessly with the new ClickUp importer in Jira
Product News Updated April 09, 2024 0
New importer is now available: ClickUp! Simply create a new project, choose the import option, and customize your workflow to suit your needs. Once imported, leverage cross-team collaboration features in Jira to enhance productivity and streamline project management. 
Natural Language for Automation - New AI feature in beta
Product News Updated March 27, 2024 0
Natural language capability has been integrated into the Jira Cloud Automation rule builder, powered by Atlassian Intelligence. This enhancement aims to simplify the process of creating automation rules, allowing users to describe their automation needs in plain language. Atlassian Intelligence then formulates the rules automatically, reducing manual effort and potential errors. 
Asset reporting in Jira Service Management
Product News Updated April 12, 2024 0
Asset reporting is now available for Jira Service Management Premium and Enterprise, offering a centralized repository for tracking company resources, services, and configuration items. This feature enables teams to analyze and report on asset data for better decision-making, with out-of-the-box reports for inventory and lifecycle management, productivity measurement, and monitoring asset health.
New! Board view of issues in Jira Service Management
Product News Updated February 16, 2024 0
Exciting news! Atlassian unveiled the Board view feature in Jira Service Management—a highly requested addition. Now, directly from your project, you can visualize work on a centralized kanban board, facilitating tracking, organization, and prioritization of your service project's issues. This feature is available for users across all plans of Jira Service Management.
EAP: Calendar for Jira Service Management
Product News Updated January 30, 2024 0
Atlassian has introduced an Early Access Program (EAP) for a fresh perspective on issues within Jira Service Management: the calendar view! With this feature, you can schedule tasks on the calendar and gain insight into your workload for the month, week, or day ahead. It's an excellent tool for team members to organize, monitor, and prioritize their tasks, while allowing team leads to anticipate potential obstacles before they impact progress. Interested? 
38 results - showing 1 - 12
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