Selling agile transformation to upper management

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Selling agile transformation to upper management
Selling agile transformation to upper management
Selling agile transformation to upper management


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Creating and releasing new products or features consistently while meeting customer expectations is imperative for an organization's success. However, many organizations still work in ways that hinder their ability to achieve these goals. Change agents are embracing agile implementation worldwide to address this challenge. While the benefits of Agile are significant, it can be challenging to get executives on board with an Agile transformation. They may resist change and need convincing that Agile is the right approach for their organization.
This white paper explores the challenges that change agents face in implementing Agile and strategies for overcoming those challenges to sell the case to upper management successfully. It covers topics such as pitching Agile to upper management, implementing a change model, and next steps in the Agile transformation. 
If you are a change agent seeking to implement Agile and need to convince upper management, download this white paper to learn more about the challenges and strategies for a successful Agile transformation.

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