Navigating Jira permissions

For those just beginning their journey as Jira administrators, the initial instinct might be to employ a stringent group-based permission scheme. This method might be effective for smaller setups with a handful of projects and users. However, as the number of user groups and project demands multiply, Jira administrators often find themselves spending an inordinate amount of time managing groups and users, rather than optimizing Jira’s functionality.
This is where the magic of project roles unfolds. Consider them a Jira administrator’s secret weapon. Leveraging project roles not only streamlines administrative tasks but also minimizes the constant inquiries directed at the Jira admin. This article delves into the process of establishing project roles and permission schemes, making it easier for Jira admins to grant users the right project access with minimal fuss.

Internal developer platforms: What they are and why you need one

In this post, you’ll gain a basic understanding of internal developer platforms: what the internal developer platform is, what the experience of working with it as a developer looks like, and why do you need an internal developer platform.

Better documentation—better platform developer experience

It covers why documentation is necessary, where to start with documentation, and how to get feedback and make it actionable.

Enterprise Service Management: Webinar series

The comprehensive multi-part webinar covers various topics, including challenges faced by businesses, best practices, and tools for delivering value quickly. You learn about ESM, ITSM, and ITIL4 and how to apply them in their organization.
Watch selected videos below or visit this page to watch the entire series.

DevOps trends 2023

This guide covers several important topics, including platform engineering, developer experience, and more. By following these insights, you can prepare your organization for the major shifts in software development, attract top talent, and ensure long-term success. 

20 tips for a successful ITSM implementation

This guide covers topics such as automation and integrations, agile methodologies and ITIL4, which metrics to measure, the role of Jira Service Management, and more. You will learn why each step is essential, the benefits of implementing these tips, and how to apply them in your organization.
By following these tips, you can improve your ITSM practices and enhance your organization’s service.

How to keep your product backlog at the perfect size for your team

If your backlog is too large, with 200, 300, or 400 items, or takes more than half a year for the team to finish, it can cause stress and chaos. On the other hand, a too-small backlog can be problematic if it doesn’t engage stakeholders and gather feedback.
This article guides Product Owners on determining and maintaining the optimal size for their product backlog. It explains why having a backlog that is too large or too small can cause problems. It also introduces a method for cleaning and reprioritizing items to keep the backlog at the optimal size, and explains how doing so can lead to a happy and motivated team that delivers more value.

The ten building blocks every Agile organization needs

DevOps for executives

It covers cultural practices, technical practices, and leading successful DevOps transformations to help readers understand the big picture of DevOps and how to implement it across their organization. By understanding DevOps, companies can make informed decisions and successfully transform their business practices.

The Scrum Master’s startup guide

From the foundational principles of Agile and Scrum to practical tips for running successful Agile ceremonies, this guide covers everything you need to know to hit the ground running in your new role.
Whether you’re looking to build your skills and knowledge from scratch or want to brush up on your existing expertise, this guide will help you succeed as a Scrum Master. With a detailed checklist to follow and recommendations for further resources to explore, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this essential role in no time. 

Happy Audit Season! How you pass an audit and become certified

Improving your Agile ceremonies

This guide provides practical advice on how to run your Agile ceremonies effectively, helping you to achieve success in your Agile projects. 

How to pass an audit and become certified

If your organization also aims to be certified, the team at Eficode can share some valuable insights to help you prepare for and succeed in your audit. Learning from their experiences can make your audit process smoother and more efficient.

Developing embedded software with DevOps

Despite the challenges faced with embedded systems, DevOps can accelerate the software development life cycle and deliver high-quality software releases to the production environment. By implementing DevOps principles, time-to-market can be reduced, quality can be increased, and efficiency can be improved. 
This guide covers the unique challenges with embedded software, the myth of incompatibility, and how to overcome them with the right tools and methodology.

Delivering continuous quality

The guide covers topics such as test automation, test design, test metrics, test environments, test data, and the future of continuous quality assurance. By building quality into software development, teams can achieve better results and meet customer expectations.