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The on-demand webinar discussion provides insights on why organizations should consider moving to Atlassian Cloud. The discussion is led by experts from Acceleration Economy, Appfire, Atlassian, and Isos Technology, who share their experiences and expertise on Cloud migration. You will learn about the benefits of moving to Atlassian Cloud and gain insights on making the migration process smoother and more successful.
The panel covers various topics, including the risks of delaying the migration process, the cost savings of moving to the Cloud now, and how to prioritize the move to the Cloud. They will also discuss how organizations can grow alongside Atlassian as a Cloud-first company and enable work on the go.
In addition, the panel will cover how organizations can confidently maintain security and compliance as they scale their business and use Marketplace apps, like Appfire's, to make the transition to Cloud easier. 

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July 18, 2023

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