Managing Jira at scale

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Managing Jira at scale
Managing Jira at scale
Managing Jira at scale


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This white paper provides insights into effectively managing scalability for Jira as your organization expands. Jira Software is a versatile tool suitable for businesses of all sizes, but larger implementations require a cautious and intentional approach for successful deployment. You will discover the necessary components for a seamless and efficient Jira implementation and the business considerations and governance required to utilize Jira at Scale.

The following are some of the topics you will learn about:

Governance: Without a solid process, Jira implementation can quickly become overwhelming. As a Jira administrator, you may encounter problems such as duplicate custom fields, redundant schemes, orphaned artifacts, and configuration errors. Isos Technology provides several Jira governance best practices that can ensure optimal scalability.

User Administration: If you are struggling with using groups and assigning project roles or require assistance with employee off-boarding, this white paper will be helpful. You will learn when to utilize groups versus project roles and how to remove off-boarded employee footprints from Jira, especially regarding filters, boards, and project ownership.

Instance Architecture: As organizations grow, administrators frequently encounter situations that necessitate additional Jira architectural design and the splitting or merging of Jira instances. The white paper will guide how to set up your servers to ensure optimal access for administrators and general users while preserving flexibility.

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