SAML SSO for Jira: Review by Rodney Nissen

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SAML SSO for Jira by Resolution: Review by Rodney Nissen


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One of the key features of this app by Resolution is the ability to generate and manage API keys, which provides a higher level of security than using a password for API calls. However, in this review, you'll learn about the app's capabilities that cannot be performed by Jira's built-in features, which is a considerable amount. 


This app offers Single Sign-On (SSO) and user provisioning using SCIM, OAuth, and password authentication methods for various identity providers such as Microsoft ADFS, Azure AD, Google, OKTA, Salesforce, OneLogin, and Keycloak. The app allows for auto user and group provisioning, accurate and up-to-date user info, LDAP user provisioning, and more advanced features than Atlassian SSO.

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