Considerations for moving your CMDB into JSM Cloud

Top five sprint metrics to report to your stakeholders

Report: Navigating the future of ITSM

It also delves into key topics and shares expert perspectives, enabling you to make informed decisions and implement strategies to transform your ITSM practices.
This survey has uncovered several key findings regarding IT Service Management (ITSM) processes and shed light on the current state of ITSM processes, highlighting the areas that require improvement and the challenges organizations face.

UX in an Agile world

However, with the shift to Agile workflows, the upfront planning time is significantly reduced, and the entire design and development process becomes much more collaborative. Unfortunately, UX often receives less attention in this environment, as the speed of iterations can sometimes make it difficult to devote adequate time and effort to refining the user experience. 
The outcome of this can be code that functions perfectly, but fails to gain traction with users.
To address this issue, Cprime has interviewed four UX experts from various industries and disciplines who have experienced the transition from traditional to Agile development methodologies. 

The definitive guide to Atlassian tool governance

Governance is critical to ensure that your tools continue to provide value to your organization. So, if you want to get the most out of your Atlassian tech stack and protect your investment, download this white paper to learn more about governance and how to set up for success.

Your practical guide to Enterprise Service Management

Although there is no single solution to this modern business challenge, Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is a relatively new concept that has proven highly effective in overcoming internal roadblocks and streamlining standard processes. 
In this white paper, you can learn more about ESM and its benefits.

Ten steps to becoming a DevOps Engineer

If you are interested in breaking into this highly sought-after field and want to learn more about the skills and tools necessary to succeed, this white paper can help.

The five phases of enterprise agility

Additionally, the white paper discusses the best tools for each phase of the journey, including enterprise product management software like Jira and Jira Align.

Advanced Kanban practice guide

It discusses the relationship between the Value Stream Mapping approach and Kanban system design, techniques for constructing a Kanban flow system using elements of operational and development value streams, and various design options for Kanban boards using different usage scenarios and team attributes.
For those looking to continue their learning journey, the white paper also highlights a Kanban Workshop that guides implementing and bootstrapping a Kanban system in their organization.

Five absolutely non-negotiable prerequisites to getting DevOps right

These prerequisites are practical and fundamental considerations necessary for any DevOps strategy’s success. Without them, investments in technology or IT-specific pieces of a DevOps strategy will falter. 
Read this white paper to ensure the success of your organization’s DevOps strategy.

DevOps enterprise ebook: how to apply the DevOps skills that matter most

It explains how to apply the most essential DevOps skills to ensure a successful transformation. 

Advanced Scrum Master practice guide

Five keys to strategic alignment and enterprise agility using OKRs

Your quick hit guide to Atlassian Cloud security

It covers the crucial considerations for organizations transitioning to Atlassian Cloud.

PMO practitioner’s guide

It explores four key lessons, including managing risks (not issues), the art of requirements management, avoiding “no-win” situations, and strategic management of sponsors and stakeholders.
If you want to gain valuable insights and knowledge to improve your project management skills and learn from experienced Project Managers, this white paper will help.