Introducing Atlassian Intelligence: Join the Early Access waitlist

Introducing Atlassian Intelligence and ten inspiring ways to harness its power


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Atlassian Intelligence is a new AI-based feature integrated into the Atlassian platform that acts as a virtual teammate for your team. It leverages generative AI technology from OpenAI combined with internally developed AI capabilities. This enables Atlassian Intelligence to understand how your team collaborates and provide results tailored to your company's unique context to accelerate your work processes deeply. 
In the upcoming months, Atlassian will begin inviting individuals from the waitlist to try out this exciting product. While they can't provide an exact timeline for access, according to Atlassian, they will keep you informed of their progress.

Atlassian Intelligence offers various capabilities, and here are just a few examples:

  1. Summarize meeting minutes: Atlassian Intelligence can quickly summarize decisions and action items from meeting minutes, saving time and ensuring key information is easily accessible.
  2. Draft Tweets: Marketers can request Atlassian Intelligence draft tweets for product announcements, streamlining content creation.
  3. Define test plans: Product owners can ask Atlassian Intelligence to outline the operating systems required for testing product updates in Jira Software, facilitating test planning.
  4. Instant help with Jira Service Management: Atlassian Intelligence acts as a virtual teammate within Jira Service Management, providing immediate assistance and resolving support interactions. It can integrate with collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, enabling users to receive help without leaving their preferred platforms.
  5. Automate support interactions: The virtual agent, powered by Atlassian Intelligence, automates support interactions, deflecting repetitive requests and allowing support teams to focus on more critical tasks. It can understand knowledge base articles, resolve help requests, ask follow-up questions, and summarize activity on requests for assigned agents.
  6. Faster incident resolution: Atlassian Intelligence assists operations and support teams by surfacing previously resolved or related issues and recommending relevant knowledge base articles and related pages.
  7. On-demand dictionary: Atlassian Intelligence provides a shared context by offering an on-demand dictionary specific to your company and teams. It explains terms, provides definitions, identifies internal subject matter experts, and shows how terms connect to related work based on the teamwork graph.
  8. Answer questions: Atlassian Intelligence understands natural language questions and can answer queries about institutional knowledge, policies, and procedures. It can provide instant answers based on content in Confluence pages.
  9. Jira Query Language (JQL) assistance: Atlassian Intelligence helps users unlock the power of JQL, allowing them to find issues across all Jira Cloud products by translating natural language queries into JQL.
  10. Data analysis with Atlassian Analytics: Atlassian Intelligence enables users to generate insights using data from multiple sources in Atlassian Analytics. It acts as a hub to analyze and visualize data across Atlassian products and connected third-party tools, eliminating the need for SQL knowledge.
Furthermore, Atlassian Intelligence supports all the languages supported by Atlassian Cloud products, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
At Atlassian, today’s transformation is driven by the sheer potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Learn more about Atlassian Intelligence and join the early access waitlist.