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Community update: What's new in JSM (as of April 2024)
Product News Updated April 12, 2024 0
As of April, 2024, Jira Service Management introduced several new features aimed at enhancing service delivery. These include tips and best practices shared during the Team Tour: High Velocity events in New York City, Munich, and London, where the team met with users in person. The focus was on facilitating collaboration between development, IT, and other teams to provide exceptional service at scale. For those who couldn't attend, the update includes feature highlights and Loom walkthrough videos for easy understanding.
Josh Costella is making Agile project management simple Jira
Insights & Opinions Updated April 11, 2024 0
Diving into Agile and Jira can seem as daunting as deciphering ancient hieroglyphs, but it's more about sprint management than mummy hunting. Don't let it intimidate you; understanding Agile and using Jira can be simplified. Josh Costella breaks it down to its core, making it accessible even for Agile novices.
Natural Language for Automation - New AI feature in beta
Product News Updated March 27, 2024 0
Natural language capability has been integrated into the Jira Cloud Automation rule builder, powered by Atlassian Intelligence. This enhancement aims to simplify the process of creating automation rules, allowing users to describe their automation needs in plain language. Atlassian Intelligence then formulates the rules automatically, reducing manual effort and potential errors. 
How to excel in agile implementation
Insights & Opinions Updated September 18, 2023 0
Transitioning to agile is not merely about adopting a new set of guidelines or protocols. It demands a comprehensive organizational metamorphosis. Whether you're dabbling with some agile practices on a small scale or committing to a holistic, agile transformation, there are pivotal considerations to bear in mind for a smooth and efficient transition. 
An Atlassian Marketplace Partner perspective: Why choose Cloud?
Insights & Opinions Updated September 18, 2023 0
As the end of support for Server deployment looms in just a few months, organizations face a crucial decision – to migrate to Atlassian Cloud or opt for Data Center. Plus, newcomers to Jira and Confluence are also deliberating on which version to select. This blog post by Federico Baronti of Deiser, a seasoned Atlassian Marketplace Partner, aims to guide both groups, elucidating from the company's experienced viewpoint on why the Cloud is the optimal choice.
Open beta: AI-powered Virtual Agent in JSM Cloud Premium & Enterprise
Product News Updated September 06, 2023 0
Atlassian's Jira Service Management has expanded its virtual agent from a limited beta to an open beta. This AI-powered virtual agent, driven by Atlassian Intelligence, provides automated conversational support on Slack, with Microsoft Teams integration in the pipeline. It recognizes user intent, sentiment, and context, offering personalized assistance and continually improving through interactions. 
Mastering your development environment with Ian Buchanan
Insights & Opinions Updated August 31, 2023 0
In an ever-evolving tech landscape, staying up-to-date and refining one's skills is crucial. But what if the secret to optimization isn't just in the code you write but also in how you maintain your development environment? Join Ian Buchanan as they dive into the habit adopted a decade ago: the monthly rebuild of the developer setup. 
# Exploring possibilities in a safe environment with the Cloud Sandbox
Insights & Opinions Updated July 19, 2023 0
A sandbox serves as a secluded haven in Atlassian software, specifically on Premium or Enterprise Atlassian license plans, replicating your production environment without impacting your live data. In this article, Gal Fatal, an Atlassian expert and community leader, delves into best practices and explores several use cases for the Atlassian Cloud Sandbox. 
Agile strategies in action: triumphs and tribulations
Insights & Opinions Updated July 19, 2023 0
In this captivating two-part series, delve behind the scenes of agile consultancy. Get an exclusive insider's perspective on the essential elements that drive successful transformation strategies. Tina Behers, VP of Enterprise Agility at Adaptavist, leads you through this insightful journey.
Top five sprint metrics to report to your stakeholders
Insights & Opinions Updated July 19, 2023 0
If you work on an Agile team, it's important to communicate progress and status to your leadership. However, many teams need to correct this process. Some even share inaccurate metrics or distribute data without proper context and explanation, which can have disastrous consequences. Misinterpreted or misused metrics can lead to damaging effects, causing confusion, anxiety, and stress for both the team and the leadership. This article by Cprime provides a few basic metrics that you should consider as starting point to transforming stakeholders into supporters rather than critics. 
Latest trends and insights of software quality and API
Insights & Opinions Updated May 25, 2023 0
This annual State of Software Quality / API report by SmartBear is based on an ongoing survey conducted within the API community. With the responses gathered from over 1,100 API practitioners spanning 17 different industries worldwide, the report provides valuable insights into the API industry, its continuous evolution, and the factors contributing to its future growth.
The future of ITSM: Navigating industry change with confidence
Insights & Opinions Updated May 25, 2023 0
This report by Appfire and Cprime draws upon valuable findings and data from surveying industry experts, providing insights to optimize your ITSM processes and stay ahead of the competition. 
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