Atlassian is rolling out a new billing engine for their cloud products

Atlassian is rolling out a new billing engine for their cloud products


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Atlassian is introducing - and is rolling out - a new billing engine for its cloud products, which will eventually replace the current billing and invoicing system cloud customers have. It offers a refreshed interface that unifies the management of cloud subscriptions, billing, and invoicing across all of Atlassian's cloud products. According to Atlassian, this change will not affect your current site access, subscription set, or product cost, and your users' product use will not be disrupted. 


  • Admins will have access to a new invoicing model that provides enhanced flexibility to group and pay for sites according to business needs.
  • The rollout is being conducted in phases across customers and products, and customers will be notified when they are ready to be migrated.
  • Once your site has been migrated, you will notice several key differences in the billing and subscription management experience. A fresh billing experience (in the Atlassian administration) where you can manage and view your cloud subscriptions, add or remove payment methods and billing addresses, and view pricing estimates and current/historical invoices.
  • You will also have the ability to manage payments, invoices, and subscriptions under a customer billing account.
  • A new superuser role called "Billing Administrator" will be introduced, which grants full privileges and billing permissions within the account.
  • Read these billing FAQs to learn more.