Cyber security in the industrial space - threats and precautions

Cyber security in the industrial space: threats and precautions


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The increasing prevalence and power of IoT devices in industrial control settings, also known as IIoT, pose significant cyber security challenges for critical infrastructure. In this article, Darren Richardson of Eficode talks about various cybersecurity considerations and the social responsibility of all of us, especially those in charge of maintaining this order. 
Legacy systems and slow adaptation to change create a cyber-security deficit, making critical infrastructure vulnerable to attacks such as the WannaCry Ransomware and cyber attacks against Ukrainian infrastructure. The lack of experience and knowledge in IoT and industrial control spaces is also a significant challenge. IoT devices' wide-spread use and increasing power, particularly in the medical industry, increase the attack surface.
To protect against cyber attacks in the industrial space, companies should prioritize encryption, monitor distributed IoT devices, and restrict their networks. As the IoT space extends further into critical industries, suppliers who don't incorporate cyber security may struggle to catch up.
Despite security problems, the IoT will continue to spread, and people will become increasingly dependent on it, much like the toll taken by car crashes hasn't persuaded many people not to drive.
This articles covers the strategies you can consider to do the job of protecting your critical infrastructure and how to keep industrial control.