Tempo’s AI-Powered Timesheets deliver up to 50% faster time tracking

Tempo’s AI-powered Timesheets deliver up to 50% faster time tracking


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Tracking time is crucial for making informed decisions about workstreams and business priorities. It provides data for resource allocation, project performance monitoring, risk management, and faster delivery of results. Tempo’s Timesheets, a leading time-tracking app for Jira, now utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to improve organizations' efficiency, resourcing, and alignment. 
The AI-powered suggestions help users find the right issues to log time against, speeding up the process and improving reporting. According to Tempo, introducing AI capabilities (soft-launched in January 2023) has resulted in faster time logging by as much as 50%. Since the soft-launch, the AI suggestions for logging time have been adopted by 75% of customers.
Thanks to its seamless integration with a wide range of popular apps such as JetBrains and Microsoft, Google, and O365 calendars, Tempo's AI model for Timesheets is built on a robust dataset of over 17 million worklogs and 300,000 active users per month. According to Tempo, this makes it the largest time-tracking dataset available.
To enhance time-tracking capabilities even further, users can integrate Structure by Tempo for better project planning and Cost Tracker by Tempo for budgeting needs.