New in Confluence: Share in Slack, Assigning page ownership, and a better way to publish

New in Confluence: Share in Slack, Assigning page ownership, and a better way to publish


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Confluence has introduced some exciting new enhancements, including sharing content directly in Slack, the option to assign page ownership and an improved publishing workflow. Here are some details.

“Share in Slack” functionality is now available for Confluence

Nidhi Raj, Sr. Product Manager, announced the introduction of the Share in Slack feature, which provides enhanced flexibility when sharing Confluence pages. With this new functionality, you can now directly share a Confluence page with specific users or channels in Slack. This integration streamlines collaboration and empowers teams to seamlessly exchange information and knowledge between Confluence and Slack, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Assign and transfer page ownership

In Confluence, when a page is created, the original creator is permanently associated with that page. However, if the creator leaves the company or team, there is no way for someone else to take over that page. The Confluence Cloud team has developed an exciting new feature: Page owner. It allows an assigned page owner - not the original creator - to be responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the page's content.
  • Having the “owner” of content as the original creator no longer associated with the company can lead to issues and make it difficult for readers to reach out to the current subject matter expert. A new feature - page ownership - allows users to assign a point of contact for a page.
  • Page ownership can be updated by the current page owner, space admin, or site admin as needed.
  • The original page owner is the creator, and there can only be one page owner at a time.
  • You can change the ownership of a page and view the creator and owner history through a contextual menu within the page's byline.

A better way to publish in Confluence

The Confluence product team has introduced the new Publish Dialog to enhance the process of publishing drafts and updating existing pages in Confluence.
  • This new Publishing Dialog brings you an additional step in the publishing workflow when transitioning a page from Draft to Published.
  • It provides you with options to choose the page's location carefully, define access permissions, and decide whether to notify watchers of the associated space.
  • It offers extended publishing capabilities, such as scheduling content to be published at a specific date and time or choosing between publishing as a page or blog.