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EAP: Company Hub on Confluence
Product News Updated April 19, 2024 0
The early-access program for Company Hub on Confluence is now open. This new feature allows users to create a customizable company-wide information center within Confluence. 
EAP for Live-Edit Pages features in Confluence
Product News Updated April 17, 2024 0
Introducing the Early Access Program for Live-Edit Pages. With this feature, users can create and edit content without the need to publish, streamlining collaboration similar to tools like Google Docs. 
Verified Pages feature ensure content integrity in Confluence
Product News Updated April 08, 2024 0
Confluence introduced Verified Pages, a new feature aimed at ensuring content accuracy and relevance. Verified Pages leverage existing content status functionality, with a distinct check mark symbol to indicate verification. 
Confluence Mobile now has AI capabilities
Product News Updated April 08, 2024 0
Confluence introduces new AI capabilities within the Confluence Mobile app. These Atlassian Intelligence (AI) features are now available on both iOS and Android platforms. 
New AI Actions in Confluence Automation
Product News Updated April 03, 2024 0
Exciting news from Confluence Automation for Confluence Premium and Enterprise customers: three new AI components are now available in the rule builder.
Paid Atlassian research opportunity for Jira Software + Confluence users
Insights & Opinions Updated April 02, 2024 0
Atlassian seeks feedback from users of both Jira Software and Confluence through a paid research opportunity. Participants will engage in a 1 hour 15-minute Zoom interview, provide feedback on design concepts, and receive a $140 thank-you gift. Interested users can sign up via a survey provided by Elsie, an Atlassian Product Manager.
Copy Product Data feature for Confluence is now available
Product News Updated March 31, 2024 0
Copy Product Data for Confluence is now available to all site administrators. This tool enables seamless copying of spaces within or across organizations, with the option to even move only related users. 
Natural Language for Automation - New AI feature in beta
Product News Updated March 27, 2024 0
Natural language capability has been integrated into the Jira Cloud Automation rule builder, powered by Atlassian Intelligence. This enhancement aims to simplify the process of creating automation rules, allowing users to describe their automation needs in plain language. Atlassian Intelligence then formulates the rules automatically, reducing manual effort and potential errors. 
introducing the Confluence Collaboration Space for Migrations
Product News Updated March 24, 2024 0
The new Confluence Collaboration Space for Migrations is a dedicated hub that provides a comprehensive view of best practices and recommendations for migrating Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket to the cloud. Organized into different phases of the migration lifecycle, it offers documentation, videos, checklists, and toolkits to facilitate a smooth migration experience. 
New: Confluence whiteboards for Jira
Product News Updated April 12, 2024 0
Atlassian recently announced the rollout of a new feature: whiteboards. This tool extends Confluence's capabilities beyond pages, offering Jira users the flexibility and real-time collaboration of whiteboards within the Atlassian platform. This integration aims to cater to the needs of Jira customers who rely on physical and virtual whiteboards for project ideation, sprint planning, and retrospectives.
New: Confluence pages embedded on a Jira ticket
Product News Updated September 18, 2023 0
Atlassian is always looking for ways to streamline workflows, reduce interruptions, and help users keep focus. With that spirit in mind, the team has introduced the latest integration enhancement: they've seamlessly incorporated Confluence pages into Jira tickets. 
Proactive product request management empowers Cloud Enterprise Admins
Product News Updated September 12, 2023 0
Shadow IT is a pressing issue for enterprises, leading to potential data loss and reduced control over sensitive information. Responding to feedback, Atlassian is introducing a "product requests" feature. This will give admins more control over shadow IT instances within their organizations. 
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