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Atlassian’s new EAP for Priorities per Project in Jira Cloud
Product News Updated August 31, 2023 0
Atlassian is introducing a new EAP for Priorities per Project to allow Jira Cloud admins to establish priority schemes, allowing distinct priorities for various projects.
EAP for Premium/Enterprise JSM users: surface Assets in Confluence Cloud
Product News Updated August 31, 2023 0
Atlassian is introducing yet another Early Access Program (EAP) that lets you embed Assets for Jira Service Management into Confluence. This feature will enhance how you manage and view your assets and seamlessly integrate your Jira Service Management objects into Confluence as a table. 
A brand new space navigation experience is coming to Confluence
Product News Updated July 18, 2023 0
The Confluence team is implementing several visual and UX design modifications to simplify and reorganize the space navigation system, making it more user-friendly and improving access to content and features within a space.
Join the JSM's Request Type Templates Early Access Program
Product News Updated June 05, 2023 0
Atlassian is introducing yet another early access program (EAP) for a brand new feature in Jira Service Management: Request Type Templates, which will make creating new request types a breeze. You'll have access to a library of templates, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs. It's a faster and simpler way to create the request types your team requires (you can still customize them in project settings).
Copying Confluence spaces across sites for cloud-to-cloud migrations
Product News Updated May 26, 2023 0
Atlassian will introduce a new capability that allows you to effortlessly copy Confluence spaces between sites within or across multiple organizations. This will enable you to duplicate your valuable content easily. Currently, Atlassian invites you to join their early access program (EAP) to ensure this feature perfectly caters to customers' needs. After its release, you will no longer need to submit support tickets for data transfers.
Join the new workflow editor's Early Access Program
Product News Updated May 17, 2023 0
The EAP (Early Access Program) involves being part of a small group of admins who receive an early release of the new workflow editor. Currently, Atlassian is looking for Jira Cloud admins who manage workflows in company-managed projects and use Jira Software Cloud or Jira Service Management Cloud. 
Jira Service Management: Next-level enhancements
Product News Updated April 11, 2023 0
Atlassian has made some notable improvements to Jira Service Management that we believe will enhance your experience. Some of the noteworthy changes to know about include support for 10K+ agents on a single cloud instance, user experience upgrades to Assets in JSM, and some more.
Be the first to experience the power of AI in Jira Service Management
Product News Updated March 08, 2023 0
AI technologies have become a popular topic these days, but their most anticipated and promising application, providing meaningful answers to inquiries, has numerous applications in service desk support. AI can empower virtual agents to handle routine support requests, freeing human agents to focus on more complex issues. 
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