Understanding Atlassian app privacy for the Public Sector

Atlassian's new Privacy and Security Tab will help companies gain trust in Cloud apps


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Atlassian values trust and security in its Marketplace and works with app vendors to ensure app security. To increase visibility on security indicators for customers, Atlassian is introducing a new Privacy and Security tab for cloud apps in the Marketplace. 
While vendors may take time to update information (up to August 2023), the Privacy and Security tab provides detailed information from app partners on their privacy, security, data handling, and compliance practices. It will help streamline the app security evaluation process and improve the trustworthiness of Marketplace. The tab is being rolled out now and will be available to all cloud customers soon.
Public sector teams have an exceptionally demanding need for security and privacy due to their interaction with sensitive information and compliance requirements. This Privacy and Security tab enables public sector organizations to make informed decisions when selecting marketplace apps for their Atlassian tools without needing external research.
To help public sector companies understand Atlassian app privacy, Elizabeth Clor of Contegix has shared four security and privacy features that government teams should look for in Atlassian Marketplace apps: data protection and encryption, credentialing, risk traceability, and Atlassian certification.
In addition, Contegix offers the Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS) to help staff and clients evaluate an app's qualifications and make knowledgeable recommendations.