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Mastering your monthly social media schedule with Confluence [Fun read]
Insights & Opinions Updated May 22, 2023 0
In this article, Teodora shares the journey of the Old Street Solutions team as they strive to improve their social media presence using... Confluence. 
Confluence Databases are coming soon (curtesy of k15t app acquisition)
Product News Updated June 05, 2023 0
Databases are coming to Confluence! Atlassian has acquired Orderly Databases by K15t, a Platinum Marketplace Partner, and the teams are hard at work integrating the app into Confluence. According to Atlassian, they are preparing to launch a free public beta soon. If you're eager to be among the first to access this feature, join the waitlist.
Atlassian Together is now available to help boost your team's collaboration
Product News Updated April 10, 2023 0
Atlassian has released Atlassian Together, a work management solution offered as a comprehensive cloud-based subscription for their most popular work management apps, including Trello, Confluence, Jira Work Management, and Atlas. 
How one engineer and a dedicated outsourced team took an app to the top of the Marketplace
Insights & Opinions Updated April 11, 2023 0
David Fischer developed the JMWE app to automate Jira workflows, and it gained widespread popularity. To expand his development team, he collaborated with TECUNIQUE. This partnership played a crucial role in JMWE becoming a top-selling app in the Atlassian Marketplace. Here is how it all happened. 
Time tracking for Jira Align: Tempo enables automated developer investment calculations
Product News Updated April 04, 2023 0
Tempo Software just announced an integration of Timesheets with Atlassian's Jira Align. This integration allows leaders of product and software organizations to calculate developer investments across product portfolios automatically. 
Five standardization essentials for Portfolio agility
Insights & Opinions Updated March 10, 2023 0
In this article, Jessica Piikkila, a Solution Architect at Atlassian, offers valuable insights and guidance for agile teams looking to scale their practices effectively. She draws on her extensive experience as an agile coach to explore agile organizations' challenges when attempting to standardize practices and ceremonies. 
How to keep your product backlog at the perfect size for your team
Insights & Opinions Updated March 10, 2023 0
As a Product Owner, it's important to understand the optimal size for your backlog in order to manage it effectively. According to this article by Eficode, a good rule of thumb is that the backlog should be between 50 and 150 items and take between two and six months for the team to complete. 
Jira Product Discovery: From ideas to successful products
Product News Updated March 02, 2023 0
You may have already been introduced to Jira Product Discovery (Atlassian's new stand-alone product), which is currently in beta but will go into GA soon. It's a centralized platform that collects and organizes product input and leverages data-driven decision-making to help product managers transform their product ideas into reality. 
Happy Audit Season! How you pass an audit and become certified
Insights & Opinions Updated February 18, 2023 0
Security and compliance are becoming increasingly crucial in all industries, particularly IT. Acquiring certifications such as ISO27001:2013 or ISAE/SO requires passing various security audits, which can be stressful and confusing for not just the security team, but the entire organization. In this article, the Eficode team shares valuable insights to help you prepare for and succeed in your audit. By learning from their experiences, you can make your audit process smoother and more efficient.
Jira Service Management Cloud Enterprise is now HIPAA compliant
Product News Updated March 20, 2023 0
Jira and Confluence Cloud are popular platforms among healthcare organizations and hospitals for managing daily tasks, projects, and data, including Protected Health Information (PHI). While these platforms enable quick and easy access to patient data, organizations must be cautious to avoid violating HIPAA regulations due to the sensitive nature of the information they collect. Jira Service Management Cloud Enterprise is now HIPAA compliant.
34 results - showing 25 - 34
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