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Appdome partnership brings Android & iOS mobile app defense into the Atlassian Bamboo CI/CD Pipeline
Product News Updated April 10, 2024 0
Appdome, a leader in mobile app security, unveiled a new plug-in for Atlassian Bamboo's cloud-based CI/CD service. This plug-in links Appdome's mobile app defense platform with Atlassian's Bamboo CI/CD, making it simple for teams to code, build, test, and sign secure mobile apps seamlessly. This initiative is part of Appdome's commitment to enhancing global mobile app security.
Akooda's AI-based enterprise search integrates with Atlassian
Product News Updated April 03, 2024 0
Akooda's AI-Powered Enterprise Search helps you quickly find information you need within your organization. It allows you to ask questions and get instant answers from Atlassian apps and various sources like Slack, Chrome Extension, or directly within the platform. You can easily navigate through different applications to find exactly what you're looking for, whether it's structured or unstructured data. The search results are enriched with advanced analysis, giving you not just relevant and timely information, but also valuable insights.
Tempo Software acquires Alpha Serve
Atlassian News Updated January 25, 2024 0
Tempo Software is acquiring Alpha Serve to expand its Strategic Portfolio Management Solution. This acquisition brings enterprise-grade data connectivity solutions that seamlessly integrate software systems like Atlassian Jira and ServiceNow with popular Business Intelligence Tools such as PowerBI and Tableau.
How to excel in agile implementation
Insights & Opinions Updated September 18, 2023 0
Transitioning to agile is not merely about adopting a new set of guidelines or protocols. It demands a comprehensive organizational metamorphosis. Whether you're dabbling with some agile practices on a small scale or committing to a holistic, agile transformation, there are pivotal considerations to bear in mind for a smooth and efficient transition. 
Agile strategies in action: triumphs and tribulations
Insights & Opinions Updated July 19, 2023 0
In this captivating two-part series, delve behind the scenes of agile consultancy. Get an exclusive insider's perspective on the essential elements that drive successful transformation strategies. Tina Behers, VP of Enterprise Agility at Adaptavist, leads you through this insightful journey.
The new app Stitch It consolidates all your integrations in one place
Product News Updated July 19, 2023 0
According to Adaptavist, “Stitch It is a stand-alone and fully managed tool that consolidates all your integrations, syncs and migrations into one place”. Currently in beta and brought to you by the talented team behind ScriptRunner, Stitch It might be just the app many companies might want to explore. 
Tempo’s AI-Powered Timesheets deliver up to 50% faster time tracking
Product News Updated July 11, 2023 0
Tracking time is crucial for making informed decisions about workstreams and business priorities. It provides data for resource allocation, project performance monitoring, risk management, and faster delivery of results. Tempo’s Timesheets, a leading time-tracking app for Jira, now utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to improve organizations' efficiency, resourcing, and alignment. 
Latest trends and insights of software quality and API
Insights & Opinions Updated May 25, 2023 0
This annual State of Software Quality / API report by SmartBear is based on an ongoing survey conducted within the API community. With the responses gathered from over 1,100 API practitioners spanning 17 different industries worldwide, the report provides valuable insights into the API industry, its continuous evolution, and the factors contributing to its future growth.
The future of ITSM: Navigating industry change with confidence
Insights & Opinions Updated May 25, 2023 0
This report by Appfire and Cprime draws upon valuable findings and data from surveying industry experts, providing insights to optimize your ITSM processes and stay ahead of the competition. 
Time tracking for Jira Align: Tempo enables automated developer investment calculations
Product News Updated April 04, 2023 0
Tempo Software just announced an integration of Timesheets with Atlassian's Jira Align. This integration allows leaders of product and software organizations to calculate developer investments across product portfolios automatically. 
Cloudflare CASB adds Confluence and Jira integrations for enhanced security
Atlassian News Updated March 18, 2023 0
Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a relatively recent addition to Cloudflare's offerings. It provides security operators like CISOs and security engineers with administrative control and visibility over the security of their SaaS applications. Now CASB is adding two new integrations: Atlassian Confluence and Atlassian Jira.
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