Agile Poker for Jira: Review by Rodney Nissen

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Agile Poker for Jira: Review by Rodney Nissen


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Rodney Nissen (TheJiraGuy) characterizes Agile Poker for Jira by Appfire as a solution that facilitates collaborative estimation, even for teams that cannot be physically present. In this review, he highlights that the app goes further by offering a mode that allows teams to estimate even when they are not online simultaneously.


Agile Poker is a team planning app that offers four estimation methods, including Planning Poker, Magic Estimation, and Wideband Delphi, for refinement, sprint planning, PI planning, and prioritization. It includes advanced features such as board context, facilitation options, multi-field estimation, various value scales, historical and reference issues, and session analytics. The app is suitable for remote and co-located teams.

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