Admin Toolbox: Review by Rodney Nissen

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Admin Toolbox: Review by Rodney Nissen


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Jira Administrators constructed the "Admin Toolbox for Jira" app by Decadis specifically for their peers to streamline administrative tasks. This review examines the available functions in detail.


Admin Toolbox for Jira is a set of administration tools designed for Jira administrators to speed up their administration game. The toolbox includes advanced global search, enhanced admin views, drag-and-drop sorting, and bulk deletion for unused elements. Additionally, it offers advanced workflow customization features, including the ability to copy conditions, validators, and post functions, and a workflow report to validate workflows and check 3rd-party app usage. The app also provides a custom navigation feature, a user switcher for testing, and cross-project bulk editing of components, versions, users, and roles.

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