Scrumban practitioner’s guide

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Scrumban practitioner’s guide
Scrumban practitioner’s guide
Scrumban practitioner’s guide


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Scrum has become the most popular Agile method, utilized by millions of practitioners worldwide. However, for those who have mastered Scrum, there are still possibilities to enhance its application in pursuit of pushing the boundaries of value, efficiency, and quality. Another framework that has risen significantly in Agile development over the past two decades is Kanban, which has often been compared to Scrum and integrated closely with Scrum teams. Many Agile development teams that have achieved success with Scrum principles have realized they can adopt key elements of Kanban to improve their workflow with minor customizations. 
This white paper provides a brief overview of the Scrumban approach, which combines the power of Scrum and Kanban to empower experienced Scrum teams to elevate their performance. It explores various usage scenarios, customization approaches, and anti-patterns that practitioners may encounter within a Scrumban implementation.
If you want to optimize your Scrum workflow and learn more about how Scrumban can help you achieve your goals, this white paper can help you learn more.

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