How to excel in agile implementation

Check out this concise post by Tempo on the keys to effectively implementing Agile.

Tempo’s AI-powered Timesheets deliver up to 50% faster time tracking

The AI-powered suggestions help users find the right issues to log time against, speeding up the process and improving reporting. According to Tempo, introducing AI capabilities (soft-launched in January 2023) has resulted in faster time logging by as much as 50%. Since the soft-launch, the AI suggestions for logging time have been adopted by 75% of customers.
Thanks to its seamless integration with a wide range of popular apps such as JetBrains and Microsoft, Google, and O365 calendars, Tempo’s AI model for Timesheets is built on a robust dataset of over 17 million worklogs and 300,000 active users per month. According to Tempo, this makes it the largest time-tracking dataset available.
To enhance time-tracking capabilities even further, users can integrate Structure by Tempo for better project planning and Cost Tracker by Tempo for budgeting needs.

Jira agile boards: Why and how to create swimlanes

For example, you’ll learn that you could set up Jira swimlanes in the following ways:
  1. Assignee: Divide the board based on who the issues are assigned to, allowing team members and leaders to see each person’s workload.
  2. Epic: Organize swimlanes according to larger bodies of work, providing a big-picture overview of tasks and their progress.
  3. Stories: Similar to epics, swimlanes based on stories help track the progress of tasks within each user story.
  4. Projects: Useful when tasks span multiple projects, offering a view of the status and dependencies of each project.
  5. Queries: Custom swimlanes created using JQL search criteria. This allows for flexible categorization based on specific conditions, such as priority or components.
Additionally, Jira offers quick filters as an alternative to swimlanes. Quick filters allow users to create private filters for their own board view without affecting others. They can be especially useful when many components are involved, as creating swimlanes for each component can result in too many rows.
Overall, swimlanes and quick filters in Jira are valuable features for organizing and managing agile boards, making them more user-friendly and efficient. This article covers everything you might want to know.

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