Community update: What’s new in JSM (as of April 2024)

Covered in this detailed post:

  • Asset reporting now generally available: Monitor the health, accuracy, and completeness of asset/CI data, and summarize Jira issues containing asset-related information.
  • AI for request type suggestions: Atlassian Intelligence suggests request types based on descriptions of your team’s work, across various domains, facilitating quick addition to your service desk.
  • AI for field suggestions: Atlassian Intelligence suggests relevant fields for request types, including existing fields and recommendations for custom fields.
  • New AI feature in beta – natural language automation: Describe what you want to automate, and Atlassian Intelligence creates automation rules seamlessly, currently available in beta on Premium and Enterprise Editions.
  • Deployment tracking/gating in GitHub: Track and gate deployments from GitHub with Jira Service Management, enhancing collaboration between IT Ops and Dev teams.
  • Automation using Jira Edge Connector (JEC): Automate script execution on on-prem or firewall-protected tools with the new Jira Edge Connector automation action.
  • Automate and execute Runbooks in Azure: Start runbooks in Microsoft Azure with a flexible new automation action in Jira Service Management.
  • Automate creation of Slack channel for Incidents: Quickly create Slack channels for incidents with a new Automation action, consolidating responders and incident details.
  • Lansweeper and Assets in JSM Integration: Seamlessly manage assets between Lansweeper and Jira Service Management with a new integration.
  • Quick Filters and Swimlanes on Board View: Find issues faster with quick filters and group issues using swimlanes based on various categories in the board view.
  • 20K agents now in JSM: Jira Service Management Cloud now supports up to 20K agents, doubling its capacity to meet enterprise needs.

Beta program for the new AIOps features

Appdome & Atlassian: automating secure mobile app delivery

Akooda’s AI-based enterprise search integrates with Atlassian

Akooda is backed by Atlassian Ventures. 

Paid Atlassian research opportunity for Jira Software + Confluence users

Atlassian introduced simplified and balanced Customer Agreement

Natural Language for Automation – New AI feature in beta

This feature is currently in beta and accessible on Premium and Enterprise editions for Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence.

Beautify Jira Work Management with new color backgrounds

To personalize your background, just head to your Jira Work Management project, click on the paint bucket icon next to the project name, and choose from our selection of new solid colors or gradients.

Seamless issue integration: Insert Jira issue lists in JWM

Users can access the feature by typing “/jira” into a Jira description or comment, applying filters or keywords, and selecting “Insert.” This enhancement aims to enhance stakeholder visibility, improve reporting, and support various project management use cases. 

New: Confluence whiteboards for Jira

Tips and tricks to searching with Atlassian Intelligence

Asset reporting in Jira Service Management

New! Board view of issues in Jira Service Management

Most receintly, quick filters were added to boards, as well as swimlanes for boards. 
Quick filters provide further refinement options for your board’s issues. Each board includes a default quick filter for “Only my issues,” and you can craft additional filters using Jira Query Language (JQL).
Swimlanes offer horizontal grouping of issues on your board, based on criteria such as request types, assignees, or other categories using Jira Query Language. 

Valiantys buys GLiNTECH, focusing on Asia-Pacific growth

GLiNTECH’s extensive client base strengthens Valiantys’ global presence, allowing them to offer enhanced services for multinational customers. The acquisition is supported by Keensight Capital and Tercera, enabling Valiantys to provide cost-effective offshore solutions with premium offerings. 

Atlassian’s Q2 FY24 letter to shareholders

In a nutshell, this letter covers:
  • Financial milestones:
    • Atlassian achieved a milestone quarter with over $1 billion in revenue, a significant leap from its earlier $100 million quarterly revenue.
    • The company surpassed 300,000 customers, marking substantial growth from its earlier 54,000 customer base.
    • Atlassian focuses on strategic priorities: cloud migrations, enterprise, ITSM, and AI.
  • Cloud migration acceleration:
    • Significant increase in enterprise seats migrating to the cloud, up nearly 7x since announcing Server end-of-support (EOS) in October 2020.
    • Data Center driving over 60% of cloud migrations, with Server churn lower than expected.
    • Delivering features like Bring-Your-Own-Key encryption and Data Residency to facilitate enterprise cloud adoption.
  • Product innovation and adoption:
    • Introduction of Atlassian Intelligence, Compass, and Virtual Agents, with Jira Service Management recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™.
    • Adoption of Point A program products, including Jira Work Management and Jira Product Discovery, growing significantly year-on-year.
    • Enhancements in Atlassian Analytics providing actionable insights for customers.
  • Async video innovation:
    • Integration of Loom’s async video capabilities into Atlassian’s ecosystem, with features like auto-tracking engagement data and AI-powered editing.
    • Recognition of async video as a key communication mode alongside text and presentations for distributed work.
  • AI integration:
    • Atlassian’s focus on AI to transform team productivity, leveraging insights from over 20,000 customers in the Beta program.
    • Introduction of Atlassian Intelligence capabilities in Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence Premium and Enterprise editions, empowering teams with automation and insights.
  • Team and culture:
    • Recognition as one of the World’s 25 Best Workplaces, reflecting Atlassian’s commitment to employee well-being.
    • Success of Team Anywhere program, leading to improved candidate acceptance rates, time savings, and increased sense of connection.
    • Sharing insights and experiences through reports like “Lessons Learned: 1,000 Days of Distributed at Atlassian” to support other teams in navigating distributed work.
  • Customer growth and financial highlights:
    • Surpassing 302,000 customers with significant growth in Cloud ARR and customer conversions.
    • Achieving first $1 billion revenue quarter with strong enterprise sales execution and migration momentum.
    • Increased operating income and cash flow, driven by disciplined cost management and growth in collections.
  • FY24 Outlook:
    • Expectations for continued revenue growth, with increased guidance reflecting Q2 outperformance and Loom acquisition.
    • Cloud revenue growth driven by migrations and enterprise segment performance, while Data Center revenue growth to decelerate in H2.
    • Maintenance revenue decline expected due to Server end-of-support, with focus on Cloud and Data Center offerings.