Elements Connect: Review by Rodney Nissen

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Elements Connect: Review by Rodney Nissen


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In this review, Rodney takes a look at what Connect does and dives into various use cases. In a nutshell, Connect facilitates the connection to remote resources for querying information. These remote resources can be in the form of popular services such as Zendesk or Salesforce, or databases like MySQL, MSSQL, and PostgreSQL. . 


Elements Connect allows you to bring external data inside Jira issues, avoiding data duplication. You can connect Jira to different data sources, query the data, and display up-to-date information in Jira Service Management or Jira Software. You can also set up dependencies between connected items and customize how data is displayed in Jira tickets. Popular use cases include looking up asset details from a CMDB, setting the Reporter's Manager as Approver from Okta, and retrieving details about clients and contracts from a CRM like HubSpot.

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