New automation limits for Jira Cloud products

The key changes include:

  1. Only successful action will count towards the limit

    Previously, all rule runs, successful or not, were counted towards the limit. Now, only successful rule runs that result in an action will count towards the usage limit.

  2. Separate limits for each product

    Instead of having a combined limit for all Jira products, each product will have its distinct monthly rule run limit based on the plan chosen.
Atlassian recognizes the potential implications of the upcoming change. To address this, customers who might exceed their limits under the new model, starting November 1, 2023, will be granted a 3-month Premium trial. This trial will provide them with elevated Premium automation limits and features, offering ample time to re-evaluate their automation needs. Additionally, during the preview period mentioned earlier, customers can monitor their usage to identify and mitigate potential overages.
This might be a significant change for many teams – please review the original article for more details. 

New: Confluence pages embedded into Jira tickets

No more switching between tabs and losing concentration. With a single click, Confluence pages will gracefully appear in a pop-up modal directly within your Jira ticket, offering immediate access to the detailed context you need.
Plus, the experience doesn’t stop there! Users can now view and even modify Confluence pages using the feature-rich page editor, all from the comfort of their Jira issue interface. 

A simplified integration setup experience in Opsgenie and JSM Cloud

The main improvements include:
  1. A new onboarding wizard: Aids users through the setup and configuration process, providing context and guidance at each step.
  2. Distinct setup and configuration steps: Users can first complete the setup and then dive into configurations and rule adjustments.
  3. Improved clarity in rule configuration: It’s now more straightforward to find and modify advanced incoming and outgoing rules directly from the main configuration screen. Additionally, the rule editing wizard has been revamped for ease of use.
  4. Enhanced support and context: During the setup and configuration process, users will find supportive documentation links that explain each step more thoroughly.
To learn more, read the original post here.

New product request feature empowers Cloud Enterprise Admins

With the new “product requests” feature for Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Management’s Cloud Enterprise plans, admins can stop users from independently signing up for products. Instead, users will be redirected to a page to detail their intended use for a product. Admins can then review and approve or deny these requests from a dedicated page.
Launch starts today, with full availability for Cloud Enterprise customers by September 15, 2023.

Unveiling enhanced Template features in Confluence

This revamped approach offers these dynamic features:

  • Personalized template suggestions for each user.
  • As you type a title in the page editor, the platform offers template suggestions based on your needs.
  • Enhanced search features in the Template Gallery and Drawer, allowing users to search by author, description, and themes.
  • Users can directly share and edit templates from the Template Gallery without diving into deep admin settings.

Introducing Single Sign-On (SSO) for external customers in JSM

You’ll be able to configure Jira Service Management to enable SSO authentication for your external customers in your Help Center. In this post, you can learn how external customer SSO work and how to set it up.

Codegeist Unleashed 2023: bigger, better, beyond anything before

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, it’s the perfect time to level up your skills. In 2023, Atlassian presents three distinct divisions for you to conquer, with each champion bagging $20,000 (USD) and a ticket to Amsterdam! And with AI transforming our future, this is your moment to revolutionize the workplace. 
Get coding and grab your chance to shine in the limelight.

Open beta: Custom Domains in Jira Service Management

Furthermore, since security is a top priority, two-level subdomains have been implemented to safeguard against malicious threats.
This opt-in feature currently does not support 3rd party marketplace apps and certain extensions.

Understanding the implications: Why Atlassian’s Server support end is a call to action

In a nutshell:
  • Unpatched vulnerabilities: There will be no more security patches or updates after February 15th, 2024. This can expose businesses to potential security risks as vulnerabilities can go unaddressed, making it easier for malicious entities to access data and systems.
  • Privacy & compliance violations: Using unsupported server products might violate industry-specific privacy and compliance rules, particularly in sectors like healthcare and finance. This can lead to potential legal and financial repercussions.
  • Downtime & data loss: Unsupported software increases the risk of system disruptions, leading to data loss, system manipulation, and potential offline periods. This impacts both operations and customer service.
  • Outdated security technology: With the lack of updates, businesses miss out on the latest security tech, making systems more vulnerable to new threats.
  • Marketplace App risks: Businesses can’t buy new apps for server licenses, and partners will no longer provide support or updates, further increasing vulnerability.
To protect your company, it’s crucial to move away from unsupported server products and consider transitioning to the cloud or a data center instance. 

A guide to effective collaborative decision-making

A summary of the effective decision-making covered in the article:
1. Identify the decision
  • Understand the exact problem or goal.
  • Techniques: Use the “5 whys analysis” and problem framing.
  • Pitfall: Avoid decision fatigue by tackling one decision at a time.
2. Gather information
  • Build your case with relevant data.
  • Techniques: Team mindmapping, create a project poster.
  • Pitfall: Beware of information bias by avoiding unnecessary or irrelevant information.
3. Identify alternatives
  • Brainstorm diverse solutions.
  • Techniques: Six Thinking Hats technique, brainwriting.
  • Pitfall: Avoid “groupthink”, where teams lean towards conformity.
4. Consider the evidence
  • Evaluate all potential solutions.
  • Techniques: SWOT analysis, project trade-off analysis.
  • Pitfall: Avoid the rush to decision-making.
5. Choose among the alternatives
  • Make an informed choice.
  • Techniques: Use the DACI framework, team voting.
  • Pitfall: Avoid analysis paralysis.
6. Take action
  • Implement the decision and communicate.
  • Techniques: Stakeholder communications plan, define goals and measures.
  • Pitfall: Trust the decision and avoid self-doubt.
7. Review your decision
  • Reflect and learn.
  • Techniques: 4 L’s retrospective, celebrate wins.
  • Pitfall: Avoid hindsight bias.
For more information and links to all covered techniques, read the article

Open beta: AI-powered Virtual Agent in JSM Cloud Premium & Enterprise

The virtual agent is available in Slack for Jira Service Management Cloud Premium and Enterprise customers.
  • It automates repetitive requests, freeing agents for significant tasks. 
  • Users can tailor intents or utilize the current knowledge base to automate Tier 1 support, directing complex issues to appropriate teams with relevant context.
  • Users get 24/7 support on Slack without departing from their chosen collaboration tools.
  • Implement the virtual agent effortlessly, irrespective of technical expertise.
  • Benefit from ready-to-use knowledge base answers and templates for immediate employee support.
Atlassian Intelligence leverages generative AI to probe the connected knowledge base and respond to Slack queries, saving agents time. Activation is required via virtual agent settings.

Introducing multiaccount support for Confluence Mobile

Download the latest version of the Confluence iOS or Android app to access this new feature. 

Jira integrates with Google Docs via Smart Chips

Users who paste a Jira URL into Google Docs will see essential details like issue name, number, summary, and more, rather than just a long URL. Think of it as Smart Links but in Google Docs.

Atlassian Access introduces Test Policy Feature for enhanced external user security

The updated external user security interface displays both the test and main policies. 
By September 2023, this test policy will be integrated into the Atlassian Administration platform.
Upcoming enhancements to external user security will include options to edit the verification frequency, reset sessions, and enforce single sign-on protocols. 

Atlassian’s new EAP for Priorities per Project in Jira Cloud

If you join the program, all your priorities today will be in a default priority scheme for all existing projects. Then, you can:
  • Add or delete priorities in this default scheme
  • Devise custom schemes for specific projects
  • Edit, manage, or remove priority schemes within Jira settings API interactions are not currently supported.
Join our Early Access Program (EAP)
Atlassian invites Jira admins to participate in their EAP and share feedback on this new feature.