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Scott Farquhar resigns as Atlassian's Co-CEO
Atlassian News Updated April 25, 2024 0
The Q3 FY24 letter to Atlassian shareholders provides an update on the company's mission to unleash the potential in every team, addressing customers, stakeholders, and shareholders. However, this quarter holds special significance. Scott Farquhar, after an incredible 23 years, has chosen to resign as co-CEO. 
JSM vs. ServiceNow ITSM – comparing two industry giants
Insights & Opinions Updated April 25, 2024 0
Jira Service Management or ServiceNow ITSM? Making a decision between them requires extensive research and consideration. To simplify your decision-making process, the Deviniti team has compiled a curated list highlighting key aspects and features of both platforms. 
Atlassian introduced simplified and balanced Customer Agreement
Atlassian News Updated April 01, 2024 0
Atlassian is rolling out a new Customer Agreement, effective for all new orders or renewals, aiming to simplify and balance contractual terms for its customers. The agreement consolidates terms for Atlassian Cloud and Data Center products, replacing previous agreements. Key updates include enhanced protection for data incidents and improved transparency on data security measures. Atlassian has partnered with TermScout to evaluate the new contract, which received a favorable rating. 
Atlassian's Q2 FY24 letter to shareholders
Atlassian News Updated February 02, 2024 0
According to the latest letter from Atlassian co-founders, Atlassian has reached a significant milestone with their first-ever $1 billion revenue quarter and over 300,000 customers. They are accelerating cloud migrations, enhancing product innovation, and embracing AI to empower teams. 
Global ITSM market projected to reach $28,683.68 million by 2032, according to Allied Market Research
Insights & Opinions Updated January 17, 2024 0
Allied Market Research's new report on the ITSM market forecasts significant growth from 2023 to 2032. The report highlights key components, functions, deployment modes, enterprise sizes, end-user industries, and regions shaping the market. Drivers for growth include increased adoption across industries, digital business transformation, and demand for unified platforms. However, challenges like implementation hurdles and service-level quality standards pose limitations to market expansion.
Atlassian promotes Avani Prabhakar as the new Global Head of Talent
Atlassian News Updated September 13, 2023 0
Atlassian has promoted Avani Prabhakar as the global head of talent and HR business partners. In this role, she'll focus on enhancing company performance, streamlining operations for employee programs, and growing DEI initiatives. 
Atlassian Confluence: Your creative collaboration hub
Insights & Opinions Updated September 18, 2023 0
In a post by Rankin Mayne, get the ideas for the innovative world of Atlassian Confluence, a platform designed for creators and collaborators alike. The author offers some basis for exploring its vast features, whether you're a seasoned user or a newbie. 

Open beta: AI-powered Virtual Agent in JSM Cloud Premium & Enterprise
Product News Updated September 06, 2023 0
Atlassian's Jira Service Management has expanded its virtual agent from a limited beta to an open beta. This AI-powered virtual agent, driven by Atlassian Intelligence, provides automated conversational support on Slack, with Microsoft Teams integration in the pipeline. It recognizes user intent, sentiment, and context, offering personalized assistance and continually improving through interactions. 
Understanding the implications: Why Atlassian's Server support end is a call to action
Insights & Opinions Updated September 06, 2023 0
Atlassian is ending support for its server products after February 15, 2024, meaning no more technical support, security updates, or bug fixes. Naturally, Atlassian and most solution partners have been advising customers to migrate to Atlassian's cloud services (or a data center instance) for safety and security, as using unsupported server products poses significant risks. In this Atlassian article, you can read more about those risks.
How to empower Agile methodology with OKRs
Insights & Opinions Updated September 18, 2023 0
OKRs provide a framework for setting goals that unify and align every organization member towards a shared objective. This guest post by Oboard (on Valiantys.com) delves into the harmony between OKRs and Agile, and highlights the benefits and methods of incorporating them into your business structure.
Get early access to Atlassian Intelligence features; try the first one in Atlas
Atlassian News Updated August 24, 2023 0
For starters, dive into the future as Atlas enhances your experience with AI-driven solutions. The team is releasing its debut feature: a shorten update button, designed to keep Atlas updates snug within the 280-character cap.
Atlassian's Q4 FY23 letter to shareholders
Atlassian News Updated September 06, 2023 0
Read this update to customers, stakeholders, and shareholders on Atlassian's mission to unleash the potential in every team.