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From the Jira Guy: Team24 digital sessions not to miss
Insights & Opinions Updated April 26, 2024 0
Continuing with tradition, The Jira Guy highlights a selection of must-see digital sessions from Team'24. Whether you're attending in person in Las Vegas or joining remotely from home, there's something for everyone. Check out the sessions you won't want to miss.
Community update: What's new in JSM (as of April 2024)
Product News Updated April 12, 2024 0
As of April, 2024, Jira Service Management introduced several new features aimed at enhancing service delivery. These include tips and best practices shared during the Team Tour: High Velocity events in New York City, Munich, and London, where the team met with users in person. The focus was on facilitating collaboration between development, IT, and other teams to provide exceptional service at scale. For those who couldn't attend, the update includes feature highlights and Loom walkthrough videos for easy understanding.
Josh Costella is making Agile project management simple Jira
Insights & Opinions Updated April 11, 2024 0
Diving into Agile and Jira can seem as daunting as deciphering ancient hieroglyphs, but it's more about sprint management than mummy hunting. Don't let it intimidate you; understanding Agile and using Jira can be simplified. Josh Costella breaks it down to its core, making it accessible even for Agile novices.
Review of Confluence Whiteboards, by Rodney Nissen
Insights & Opinions Updated September 06, 2023 0
As Rodney, also known as "The Jira Guy," gets his hands on Confluence Whiteboards, he delves into its functionalities, explores its myriad features, and delves into this substantial enhancement to Confluence Cloud.
Mastering your monthly social media schedule with Confluence [Fun read]
Insights & Opinions Updated May 22, 2023 0
In this article, Teodora shares the journey of the Old Street Solutions team as they strive to improve their social media presence using... Confluence. 
Join the new workflow editor's Early Access Program
Product News Updated May 17, 2023 0
The EAP (Early Access Program) involves being part of a small group of admins who receive an early release of the new workflow editor. Currently, Atlassian is looking for Jira Cloud admins who manage workflows in company-managed projects and use Jira Software Cloud or Jira Service Management Cloud. 
Becoming an ACE in 2023
Insights & Opinions Updated April 10, 2023 0
The Jira Guy is on a mission to save his Atlassian Certifications from the clutches of expiration. Some of his team members already hold certifications, and others are contemplating getting certified, so, the ACE (an Atlassian Certified Expert) question is on point. But the real dilemma is in Rodney's life, where he's trying to figure out whether to maintain his ACE standing and how. 
Navigating the complexity of Jira configuration as your organization grows
Insights & Opinions Updated March 21, 2023 0
In this article, Gal Fatal, an Atlassian expert, discusses the challenges Jira administrators face in managing the growing complexity of Jira instances over time. By following recommended steps he outlines in this article, Jira administrators can ensure a smooth implementation of configuration changes and prevent any unexpected issues or errors that may arise. 
Fun read: The Jira Guy's quest to organizing his Pokeman collection... with Jira
Insights & Opinions Updated March 08, 2023 0
Hello, Jira enthusiasts! Today we have a special treat for you - a Jira project so ridiculous it might just work. Rodney - a.k.a. The Jira Guy - has taken on the challenge of organizing his Pokemon collection using Jira. Yes, you read that right. The man who spends his days helping companies solve their problems and making them more efficient has turned his attention to catching digital monsters. So buckle up, grab your Pokeballs, and get ready to see Jira like you've never seen it before. Let's catch 'em all!
How I passed ACP-120 Jira Admin for Cloud certification exam
Insights & Opinions Updated February 26, 2023 0
As a community leader, Gal Fatal utilized opportunities to continue learning and take Atlassian certification exams. Recently, Gal successfully passed the Jira Admin for Cloud ACP-120 exam on their first attempt. This was not an effortless feat and they would like to offer some tips to those considering taking the exam.
Jira in dark mode - take it for a test drive
Product News Updated February 27, 2023 0
If you prefer to work in dark mode, get in on an early access preview of a dark theme for Jira Cloud products. This is Jira’s highest-requested feature – according to Amira Badran, Product Manager for Jira Software. And even though there are many limitations as of now, you can check it out in Jira Labs. Many already did, and love it!
11 results - showing 1 - 11