Setting your teams up for success with Atlassian Cloud Enterprise

Speakers provide you with a comprehensive overview of the out-of-the-box reporting capabilities of Atlassian Cloud Enterprise, as well as the best reporting apps that support faster speed to market and better decision-making.

How to scale Service Management practices with forms

In this webinar, Marcelo Garza, Senior Consultant at Praecipio Consulting, shares best practices for leveraging Forms for Jira Service Management. He also discusses how this dynamic tool facilitates information sharing and effective communication between all business teams and brings you up to speed on Jira Service Management’s latest features.

How to plan and execute User Acceptance Testing for a successful Atlassian Cloud migration

Listen to Luis Machado, Senior Consultant at Praecipio Consulting, as he provides insights into best practices for UAT, including methods for identifying, planning, and executing scenarios that enable users to conduct effective testing.

The connected Enterprise: Close the gap between business strategy & execution

The white paper explains how Jira Align can connect people, processes, and technology together to create a thriving enterprise. It also emphasizes the importance of properly configuring Jira Align and modeling the organization within the platform for optimal success.
Additionally, the white paper highlights how Jira Align has helped enterprise clients uncover and resolve issues through real-time feedback loops and faster decision-making cycles.

How Jira Align supports SAFe®: Accelerating your digital transformation

The webinar speaker is Amanda Babb, Principal Consultant at Praecipio Consulting. Amanda has worked closely with Atlassian to develop Praecipio Consulting’s Jira Align practice. She provides you with an in-depth look at how Jira Align, an enterprise tool, can enable organizations to successfully scale Agile principles and connect work execution to strategic initiatives.

Leveraging the benefits of Atlassian Cloud to transform your business

Hasan Charaf, Senior Consultant at Praecipio, provides you with a comprehensive overview of how Atlassian is redefining the cloud experience and explains how your organization can leverage Atlassian Cloud to maximize efficiency and accelerate growth.

Six steps to a successful Atlassian Cloud migration

Unlocking the power of Enterprise Service Management with intelligent automation

Hear Morgan Folsom, Solutions Architect at Praecipio Consulting, and Nick Anthony, Director of Business Development at Workato, examine how Workato’s robust integrations and enterprise automation can enable organizations to scale dynamically, accelerate decision-making, and empower teams to provide superior service.

How to effectively plan and execute work with Advanced Roadmaps for Jira

Michael Lyons, Senior Consultant at Praecipio Consulting, shares best practices for creating an exceptional user experience with Advanced Roadmaps, addresses common challenges, and walks you through how to take full advantage of this powerful planning tool.

Streamlining the DevOps lifecycle with Jira Service Management

Brad Odé, Senior Consultant at Praecipio Consulting, provides you with an in-depth understanding of how JSM empowers people, processes, and technology and brings teams together to achieve better business outcomes.

User management best practices for a growing Atlassian ecosystem

Brad Odé, Senior Consultant at Praecipio Consulting, delves into the typical user management issues faced by our clients and the solutions we implemented to tackle those challenges and support their expanding Atlassian ecosystems.

Proving value: How business leaders use Jira Align to connect strategy and execution