Confluence course for beginners

The 43-minute tutorial covers various topics, including setting up Confluence on the Cloud, navigating the Confluence dashboard, creating spaces and pages, adding macros, labels, comments, and attachments to pages, and customizing the look and feel of the platform. The tutorial also covers important Confluence features such as exporting pages, creating blog posts, and searching for content. 
Additionally, the video covers Confluence’s integration with Jira and how to access the audit logs. 
The video has been viewed over 16,000 times since it was published in March 2022.

Jira crash course for beginners

It also delves into the different types of Jira issues, such as Epics, User Stories, Tasks, and Bugs, and how to create them. 

Additionally, it covers using Jira features such as labels, story points, and filters. The tutorial concludes with an explanation of workflows in Jira and how to edit them. The video is presented by Management Bliss and has been viewed over 220,000 times since it was published in July 2021.