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The power of AI in Work Management
Insights & Opinions Updated April 25, 2024 0
This article by Adaptavist discusses the challenges faced by business teams, such as information silos and ineffective project management systems, impacting productivity and team morale. It highlights the benefits of AI-powered work management tools like monday.com and Jira Work Management in streamlining collaboration and boosting productivity. 
Collaborate seamlessly with the new ClickUp importer in Jira
Product News Updated April 09, 2024 0
New importer is now available: ClickUp! Simply create a new project, choose the import option, and customize your workflow to suit your needs. Once imported, leverage cross-team collaboration features in Jira to enhance productivity and streamline project management. 
Beautify Jira Work Management with new color backgrounds
Product News Updated March 25, 2024 0
Imagine if Jira Work Management could evoke the tranquility of a twilight sky or the exhilaration of an ocean vista. Great news! All Jira Work Management projects have received a substantial visual enhancement, featuring new background gradients and colors.
New updates to Jira Work Management have arrived
Product News Updated March 24, 2024 0
Here is what's new in Jira Work Management in March.
Seamless issue integration: Insert Jira issue lists in JWM
Product News Updated March 17, 2024 0
A new feature has been launched in Jira Work Management, enabling users to easily insert a list of Jira issues directly into descriptions and comments. This update includes an advanced filtering system for refining searches with specific keywords. 
New automation limits for Jira Cloud products
Product News Updated September 18, 2023 0
Starting from November 1, 2023, Jira Cloud will implement a revised packaging model similar to what was introduced with Confluence Automation. The goal is to provide a more straightforward and consistent way to measure automation usage. 
Five ways to monitor and report on daily activity in Jira
Insights & Opinions Updated September 12, 2023 0
For many companies, keeping track of your team's activities is vital. Whether it's a comment added, an issue status update, or a shift in the due date, having a clear record of all Jira changes not only ensures seamless teamwork but also assists in preventing potential business conflicts or satisfying compliance requirements.
JiraCon23: Everything you need to know
Insights & Opinions Updated September 08, 2023 0
The passion for enhancing team performance never wanes, and if there's one product that's been central to this quest, it's Jira. And there is so much to learn! In our event coverage, we're thrilled to highlight JiraCon23 by Trundl. Get ready to transcend conventional knowledge and dive deep into the world of Jira and other apps. All in just one day on October 4th, 2023.
Jira Work Management Premium is here
Product News Updated July 20, 2023 0
Starting on July 17, 2023, Jira Work Management is introducing a new premium tier. This tier is aimed at organizations that require multiple Jira projects to manage their cross-functional work effectively.
The premium tier offers enhanced visibility, automation, and increased capacity to facilitate seamless collaboration and provide a comprehensive overview of ongoing tasks to understand better and track the work being accomplished.
Dark mode in Jira is now available to all users
Product News Updated May 29, 2023 0
Dark mode is now available in Jira, although it is still in open beta and will be officially released in mid-2023. 
Atlassian Together is now available to help boost your team's collaboration
Product News Updated April 10, 2023 0
Atlassian has released Atlassian Together, a work management solution offered as a comprehensive cloud-based subscription for their most popular work management apps, including Trello, Confluence, Jira Work Management, and Atlas. 
Cloudflare CASB adds Confluence and Jira integrations for enhanced security
Atlassian News Updated March 18, 2023 0
Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a relatively recent addition to Cloudflare's offerings. It provides security operators like CISOs and security engineers with administrative control and visibility over the security of their SaaS applications. Now CASB is adding two new integrations: Atlassian Confluence and Atlassian Jira.
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