Five rules for cleaning and organizing your Atlassian house

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Five rules for cleaning and organizing your Atlassian house


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Are you considering a little fall cleaning in your Jira or Jira Service Management (JSM) instance? Perhaps it has become cluttered with too many projects, fields, workflows, and schemas, or maybe there is little consistency in how various teams in your organization have implemented Agile and ITSM practices. Listen to this webinar and learn from Jira administrators and other experts on how to make your Atlassian setup shine.
Many IT teams and administrators in mid-sized to large organizations are seeking to simplify, establish standards, and enhance KPIs. Nevertheless, they frequently encounter obstacles when attempting to clean and standardize Jira and JSM throughout their organization. If this describes your situation, rest assured that you are not alone. However, you will eventually need to tidy up the chaos.
Speakers in this webinar will discuss the 5 guidelines for cleaning and organizing your Jira and JSM instances, including streamlining Jira configurations, optimizing workflows, and refining standards and KPIs to maximize efficiency.

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