A guide to improving code quality and collaboration of your development team

Latest trends and insights of software quality and API

Based on 61 questions, it aims to identify industry benchmarks related to trends, best practices, methodologies, and tools software teams use to manage the API lifecycle effectively.
According to the report, the API market shows promising signs for a strong future, with microservices expected to be a significant growth driver. It shares crucial for API providers and consumers’ current challenges, which revolve around finding the right balance between speed, agility, security, and developer experience.
You can download this 56-page comprehensive report from the SmartBear website.

State of software quality – API

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Even if you have some familiarity with visual testing, the ebook provides valuable insights on topics such as the definition of visual testing, methods for visual regression testing, testing challenges specific to the fintech industry, getting started with VisualTest, and frequently asked questions.

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