The Agile Coach: Atlassian's guide to agile development

A Updated March 14, 2023
The Agile Coach: Atlassian's guide to agile development
The Agile Coach: Atlassian's guide to agile development
The Agile Coach: Atlassian's guide to agile development


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In this comprehensive guide to Agile processes by Atlassian, you'll learn the basics of the Agile Manifesto, master Scrum and Kanban practices, get insights on Agile at Scale, and much more.
Agile software development is a methodology that prioritizes adaptability, flexibility, and collaboration in the development process. It is based on the Agile Manifesto, a set of principles that values delivering working software over comprehensive documentation, responding to change over following a rigid plan, and collaboration between developers, stakeholders, and customers over individual efforts. The Agile approach is iterative and incremental, meaning that software is developed in small, frequent iterations that allow for continuous feedback and improvement.
One of the key benefits of agile development is its ability to respond quickly to changes in requirements or customer feedback. In traditional Waterfall development, changes to the project plan are often tricky and time-consuming to implement, but in an Agile environment, changes are embraced as a natural part of the development process. This allows teams to deliver software that meets the evolving needs of the customer and stakeholders, leading to increased customer satisfaction and project success. 
Additionally, Agile development places a strong emphasis on teamwork and communication, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment where everyone's contributions are valued. Explore this guide to get better at Agile.

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