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The power of AI in Work Management
Insights & Opinions Updated April 25, 2024 0
This article by Adaptavist discusses the challenges faced by business teams, such as information silos and ineffective project management systems, impacting productivity and team morale. It highlights the benefits of AI-powered work management tools like monday.com and Jira Work Management in streamlining collaboration and boosting productivity. 
Agile strategies in action: triumphs and tribulations
Insights & Opinions Updated July 19, 2023 0
In this captivating two-part series, delve behind the scenes of agile consultancy. Get an exclusive insider's perspective on the essential elements that drive successful transformation strategies. Tina Behers, VP of Enterprise Agility at Adaptavist, leads you through this insightful journey.
The new app Stitch It consolidates all your integrations in one place
Product News Updated July 19, 2023 0
According to Adaptavist, “Stitch It is a stand-alone and fully managed tool that consolidates all your integrations, syncs and migrations into one place”. Currently in beta and brought to you by the talented team behind ScriptRunner, Stitch It might be just the app many companies might want to explore. 
ScriptRunner is now an independent brand under The Adaptavist Group
Insights & Opinions Updated March 01, 2023 0
Hey there! Usually, we don't talk about acquisitions, spin-offs, mergers, or investments - unless we find them essential to our readers. Still, we've got some news to share that involves one of the most popular Jira apps, ScriptRunner. 
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